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Brand Recognition and Success

Have you ever been in a conversation with a group of friends and someone says “that sounds like something Rachel would say”? Or maybe you’re driving in your car and hear a song come on and say to yourself “this

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FIGHTING COMPLACENCY with a Powerful Employee Communications Plan

Complacency is one of the most pervasive problems facing American companies today, especially larger corporations where accountability can easily fall through the cracks. But how can organizations encourage accountability? How can you incentivize a culture of ownership? How can companies

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Track & React

Urgency. Detail. Optimization. Creativity. Today’s marketing and communications industry calls for it all- and then some. At Apple Box Studios, we view project work through a lens of how to refine an audience, how to make a campaign more interesting,

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What are Dark Posts on Social Media?

social media

We’re here to shine the light on dark posts You’ve heard of the “dark web,” and all its scary content. But have you heard of the term “dark post” buzzing around your favorite social media blogs? If not, we’re sorry

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Hybrids: The Most Effective Advertisers

What’s a not-so-simple- question advertisers get asked frequently? Here it is: what is the most effective from of advertising? Talk about a question that can be answered a million different ways based on who you’re speaking with, how much experience

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Effective Advertising: A word about hybrids

Consumer-based companies always have a tough choice to make – “What is the most effective way to advertise our product?”. Ah, and age-old question that is packed with a variety of answers. Let’s review some of the methods that an

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