The Apple Box Studios business model for marketing communications
The Apple Box Model

Marketing & Advertising made easy


    Clients rely on Apple Box Studios for marketing strategy, conceptual thinking, creative writing and graphic design that advance measurable business goals. Our creativity is recognized for its bold, singular and minimal aesthetic.


    We offer our advertising clients complete flexibility with regard to project teams, industry expertise, technical requirements, delivery formats and budget levels. Our staffing model is completely scalable to the fluctuating demands of a project-driven marketplace.


    As a brand-centric creative firm, Apple Box Studios objectively promotes solutions that stay on message regardless of format. READ: We do not favor one form or format of communication over another. We promote marketing tools, methods and channels that will deliver the most effective long-term results.


    The low overhead associated with our staffing model keeps our service levels high and our prices affordable. Apple Box clients receive top-tier creative without the sticker shock.


    We stress conscientious project management delivered by advertising professionals who understand accountability and detail. Every line item is tracked, recorded and presented to our clients as proof of performance.

What makes Apple Box Studios different

  • Full Ranging Capabilities

    As a writing-based branding and communications firm, Apple Box Studios offers its clients fully integrated marketing solutions that can take a variety of final formats—all delivered across a wide range of media channels. While some firms specialize in a single delivery format, we specialize in well-branded and well-crafted messages regardless of the format or vehicle. Whether its video, digital media, web, e-mail, tradeshow, traditional advertising, an interactive tool, print or all of the above, Apple Box Studios brings years of experience getting your point across.

  • Bold Words & Distinctive Design

    The human brain is an astonishing mechanism. In its endless expansion and integration of conceptual knowledge, it perceives, identifies, organizes and retains single units as representative of broader, more complex concepts. We call this psychological phenomenon identity economy. With this dynamic in mind, we strive to create singular, simple and distinctive designs—each worth a thousand words. When your audience recognizes this type of work, they instantly understand the wider context and expanded meaning of your message. Simplicity is truly the key to effective communications and this concept, more than anything, makes us different.

  • Relentless Work Flow

    Our design process employs a hyper-agile workflow that emphasizes frequent and proactive creative iterations. This means we will never defend a round-one design or a first draft as anywhere close to being final. Nor will we defend our fifth version. We believe the creative process is an editorial process and, for this reason, we compulsively rethink, redesign and revise our work in pursuit of our client’s goals. There’s no sheltering at home here. This requires difficult and exhaustive work and we’re up to it.

  • Deep Understanding

    After working with all types of companies and clients, we have come to realize one thing—you understand your business better than we do. As the subject matter expert, you know the terrain, the weather patterns—you know exactly where your destination is located and when you plan to arrive. It’s our job to get you there. So we ask many detailed questions. We listen, then sharpen our shovels and dig a little deeper. We listen even closer before we repeat back to you the plan for moving forward.

  • Ethos

    The essence of the Apple Box culture is driven by a sense of hospitality and productiveness on behalf of our clients. Our work ethic begins with a willingness to assume responsibility and a preference for open and timely communications. This mutual respect for our respective roles is the basis for the long-term relationships we enjoy. We don’t just trade value for value with our clients. To us, a partnership means a perfect fit—culturally, financially and ethically. The Apple Box culture is one of service, offered as if we were employees of our clients themselves.