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Step Up and Be Noticed

First and foremost, Apple Box Studios creates communication tools, programs and marketing campaigns that help our clients achieve results. As a full-service marketing firm, our work can take an infinite number of shapes and sizes. Yet, everything we do is shaped by one thing: the human sensibilities of your audience.

For this reason, clients come to Apple Box Studios for creative ideas that get noticed—for clever and compelling ideas that resonate with individuals. Our adherence to pure, simple and singular ideas sets us apart from other agencies.

Every day, with every project and every line-item, we strive to create well-branded messages that effectively differentiate our clients in the marketplace. Call us and learn how we can help your organization step up and be noticed.

Our Clients

What’s in a Brand?

A Pittsburgh Advertising & Marketing Agency

Why an apple box? We get the question all the time and it’s a good one. An apple box is used on the set of a movie, a TV commercial or a photo shoot as a means to raise something or someone. When you step up onto an apple box, everything changes. You gain a higher perspective. The world becomes accessible and predictable.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed, you need to step up. If you wish to deliver your message loud and clear, you need to step up to Apple Box Studios—one of the top advertising and marketing companies in the Pittsburgh region.

How We Operate

3 Principles

Integrated Marketing Solutions

Fully Integrated. Growing Fast.

Over the last 20 years, the ubiquitous convergence of digital media has created a significant degree of uncertainty with regard to the shape and nature of communication initiatives. Therefore, a new form of marketing expertise is required—one capable of providing a high-level and objective understanding of the digital landscape—one capable of mastering the countless moving parts of a modern-day marketing campaign.

Why Integrated Marketing Rules

  1. Video has become ubiquitous across almost every advertising and digital marketing platform, including social media and website communications. We offer solutions big and small.
  2. Studies have shown that copy accompanied by a simple image significantly improves the copy’s effectiveness along with the reader’s retention.
  3. Communications offered in an interactive format increases engagement and impressions.
  4. Well branded and integrated collateral and visuals directly translate into greater frequency for your audience. Companies also realize much greater economies and savings as a direct result of brand compliance and design continuity in working with a single marketing firm.

Competition by Design

Creative Competition is Key

Make no mistake about it—Apple Box Studios is not just another marketing communications firm. Our clients expect and deserve exceptional creative in both design and messaging. So what makes our creative so different? Competition—plain and simple. Our creative process is built around a formal competitive framework that challenges our design teams to produce the very best results in direct competition with one another. One of the primary reasons we continue to grow both as artists and as a company.

We call it Competition by Design and Apple Box Studios is the only creative firm of our size to incorporate such an outcomes-based process. On projects both large and small, we compete not just for your business, but for your respect. Apple Box Studios isa meritocracy and only the best outcomes are acceptable here. Competition is everywhere in life. Shouldn’t it be a part of your ad agency as well?

Execution is Everything

Get Your Message Moving

It has been said knowing what to do and actually doing it are two entirely different things. The world is overflowing with brilliant people who know what must be done. They even know how it must be done. The world is in short supply of people willing to actually do it—to overcome—to carry on—to keep pushing—to execute. This is the first law of marketing—execution is everything. There is no magic message. Pretty pictures are never enough. Our focus on execution is unique to Apple Box unlike most creative agencies that emphasize design over delivery. From our perspective, marketing is not just about messaging—it is about mobilization. Translation: Your marketing message must be delivered boldly and relentlessly. This requires leadership, hard work and the fortitude to adapt and overcome obstacles in your way.

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