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Our Story

A Pittsburgh Advertising Agency

First and foremost, clients come to Apple Box Studios for fresh and creative ideas that get noticed—for clever ideas that resonate with individuals by focusing on a single thought. This clarity of thinking always connects with your audience. Our adherence to pure, simple and singular ideas sets Apple Box Studios apart from other advertising agencies.

Located in the historic Strip District of Downtown Pittsburgh, we design, develop and deliver communication tools, programs and marketing campaigns that help our clients grow. As a full-service ad agency, our work can take an infinite number of shapes and sizes. Yet, everything we do is shaped by one thing: the human sensibilities of your audience.

Since 2002, Apple Box Studios has worked closely with many of the leading companies and institutions in Pittsburgh. Every day, with every project and every line-item, we strive to create well-branded messages that effectively differentiate our clients in the marketplace. Call us and learn how we can help your organization step up and be noticed.

Our Clients

Fully Integrated. Growing Fast.

Consisting of five distinct business units- Strategy, Branding, Digital, Video and Delivery- Apple Box Studios offers its clients fully integrated marketing and communication solutions, an absolute necessity in today's information age economy. In fact, over the last 20 years, the ubiquitous convergence of digital media has created a significant degree of uncertainty with regard to the shape and nature of advertising initiatives. Therefore, a new form of marketing expertise is required- one capable of providing a high-level and objective understanding of the digital landscape- an expertise focused on simplifying both your mission and your message-one that is determined to help your company grow just as fast as we are.
Why Integrated Marketing Rules
  • Video has become ubiquitous across almost every advertising and digital marketing platform, including social media and website communications. We offer solutions big and small.
  • Studies have shown that copy accompanied by a simple image significantly improves the copy's effectiveness along with the reader's retention.
  • Communications offered in an interactive format increases engagement and impressions.
  • Well branded and integrated collateral and visuals directly translate into greater frequency for your audience.
  • Companies also realize much greater economies and savings as a direct result of brand compliance and design continuity in working with a single marketing firm.


BoxIn 1999, Michael Wertz moved from Los Angeles back to his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife and three young children. He also brought with him over ten years of feature film experience as a freelance associate editor. As a member of the Editors Guild, Mike worked within the studio system where he guided several motion pictures through the post-production process gaining valuable project management, technical, and creative experience in the process. Drawing from his feature film experience, Apple Box Studios strives to deliver the highest of creative standards. Before incorporating Apple Box Studios in 2002, Mike was an account executive at a leading corporate communications design firm in Pittsburgh. This position provided Mike with valuable business development experience as well as in-depth knowledge about numerous multimedia formats and how they interrelate in today’s fast changing world of advertising. Today, Mike’s diverse background serves him well as the lead writer, creative director and sole owner of Apple Box Studios.

*ap•ple box .n. 1. A simple, wooden box used on the set of a movie for a variety of filming and technical purposes. 2. A piece of grip equipment used to raise lighting, dolly tracks, actors etc. 3. Also used by the cameraperson as a step to gain a higher perspective. 4. Often used by crew members as a convenient chair.