The Apple Box Studios Advertising and Marketing Team
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The Apple Box Mindset

What do we look for in our employees?  An unwavering sense of style. An inexhaustible spirit to achieve perfection. The resolve to quash any non-believers. The audacity to break the rules of business. The character to inspire others. The imagination to create value out of nothing. The vision to see the big picture. An obsession with every last, little damn detail. A constant sense of urgency. The poise to work through the toughest challenges. The humility to carefully listen. The confidence to defend our life’s work. An intense desire to push further—to step up for the best outcomes possible. The hard-charging individuals below.

Our Crew

Laura Varga

Office Manager
  • Job Description: Manage day to day office operations, offer support to the rest of the team.
  • Super power would be: Flying! I sometimes have dreams I can fly and then wake up disappointed that it’s not real.
  • Best trip you've been on:  Riding my bicycle from Pittsburgh to D.C.
  • Favorite quote: I’m still learning. – Michelangelo Ext. 1003

Michael Wertz

Owner, Chief Creative Officer
  • Job Description: Creating value out of nothing
  • Time when most creative: 4:46 in the AM
  • The name of your autobiography would be: Die Trying
  • Favorite quote: No man is completely worthless; he can always serve as a horrible example  –George Halas Ext. 1001

Jessica Joseph

Art Director
  • Job Description: Visually communicating ideas
  • The name of your autobiography would be: Why Am I Always Hungry?
  • One thing people would be most surprised to hear: I was the captain of a national championship winning dance team (I'm pretty modest).
  • Favorite Quote: I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry.- Gabriel Iglesias Ext: 1006

Thad Ciechanowski

Vice President, Motion Pictures
  • Job Description: Right-click-> edit
  • Apple or Microsoft: Apple
  • The name of your autobiography would be: Help
  • Favorite quote: Chance favors the prepared mind – Louis Pasteur Ext. 1007

Michael M. Kadrie

vice president, digital media
  • Can I solicit my business directly to you? No. I'm not the droid you're looking for.
  • Job Description: Apparently nobody can describe all that I do. It's complicated.
  • Superhero power would be: Nuclear vision. Then I could cook bacon just by looking at it.
  • One person living or dead you’d like to have lunch with would be: Jesus
  • Favorite quote: Everything you can imagine is real –Pablo Picasso Ext. 1005

Amanda Giamalis

Content Marketing Specialist
  • Job Description: Create/find the words to make ideas come to life.
  • You are most creative when: I'm asleep - my dreams can get pretty interesting.
  • One person living or dead you'd like to have lunch with would be: Stevie Nicks ... unless my mom is reading this, then it's my mom. 
  • Favorite quote: Dance first, think later. It's the natural order- Samuel Beckett Ext. 1008

Laura Puntil

Senior Account Executive
  • Job Description: Provide support to the team throughout the entire creative process
  • The best trip you've been on: Skiing in Mount Jungfrau
  • The name of your Autobiography would be: Confessions of a Chocoholic
  • One person living or dead you’d like to have lunch with would be: My sister Claire in Denver or my Grandpa Jack Salmon Ext. 1004

Outside the Box

Whitney Messervy

SEM Specialist
  • Digital Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Content Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Auditing

Tim Hayes

Copy Writer
  • Executive Communication
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Content
  • Script Writing

Dan Ayer

Public Relations Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Public Media Relations
  • Creative Strategist
  • Social Media Marketing

Kirk Peters

Interactive & web programming
  • HTML5 expert
  • Java script/CSS/PHP
  • WordPress/Joomla/Drupal
  • Database integration
  • E-commerce sites
  • Interactive & video integration

Candace Kantz

Media Director
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Media planning & buying
  • Media negotiating
  • Digital media planning
  • Paid social media
  • Metrics & reporting

Michael Anderson

SEO & Inbound Marketing
  • SEO auditing & analysis
  • Organic search optimization
  • Website metadata optimization
  • Search rankings & reporting
  • Keywork analysis