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Michael Wertz

Owner, Chief Creative Officer

Get to Know Michael

Job Description:
Creating value out of nothing

Time when most creative:
4:46 in the AM

The name of your autobiography would be:
Die Trying

Favorite quote:
No man is completely worthless; he can always serve as a horrible example  – George Halas


In 2000, Michael Steven Wertz moved from Los Angeles back to his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife and three young children. He also brought with him over ten years of feature film experience as a First Assistant Editor. As a member of the Editors Guild West, Michael worked within the studio system where he guided several major motion pictures through the post-production process gaining valuable project management, technical and creative knowledge. Drawing from Michael’s feature film experience, Apple Box Studios strives to deliver the highest creative standards to its clients. In fact, this is where the name Apple Box comes from.

Before incorporating Apple Box Studios in 2002, Michael was an account executive at a leading corporate communications design firm in Pittsburgh. This position provided him with valuable business development experience as well as in-depth knowledge of website design, multimedia formats and how they all interrelate in the fast-changing world of digital communications. Today, Michael’s diverse background serves him well as the lead strategist, copy writer, Chief Creative Officer and sole owner of Apple Box Studios.

As a writer, Michael’s aesthetic and philosophical influences are significant. Starting with Campbellian mythology and The Hero’s Journey often echoed in some of our greatest film scripts, to Lajos Egri’s classic, The Art of Dramatic Writing, Michael always brings a strong sense of human motivation to his storytelling. His writing is heavily influenced by Jungian psychology and the philosophy of Ayn Rand. As an Objectivist, themes of identity, morality, creativity and individualism often resonate in a powerful subtext with his audiences. Whether writing ad copy, a video script or creating a brand persona, his words seek to help shape our world as a reflection of our highest aspirations. For organizations seeking to inspire people and progress, Michael has delivered on this unique challenge time and again for his clients.

When he isn’t writing, Michael fills his long days with biking, reading, pickleball and fueling his home improvement addiction. His annual trips to Wyoming for fly fishing and Florida for golf have brought his family and friends together for the past twenty-five years. An avid consumer of media, his intellectual interests include philosophy, politics, the environment, film scores, Penn State wrestling and driving his car above the speed limit.

Penn State University—BS Marketing & Operations Management.
School of Visual Arts, NYC. Creative Writing
Former Board Chair, Parkinson Foundation Western Pennsylvania.