Employee Communications

It has been said, “Complacency is the omnipresent enemy of all enterprise.” Change is hard. Lasting change is twice as hard. Why is this so? Because any type of meaningful, organizational change has one thing in common—people are the change agents—people who naturally resist change. This imperative to constantly adapt and improve is not only part of life, it is the root mission of business and people are always the lynchpin. This inherent need for progress can only be accomplished by employee communications.

What are the elements of change? What is the key to breaking down this resistance? How can companies not just communicate with their employees, but truly inspire them? How do you encourage accountability? ‘Incentivise’ ownership? Celebrate culture and create the most successful outcomes? We have been doing all these things for years.

Take The Initiative

The Apple Box Approach to Employee Communications

Why do some businesses struggle to grow? Why do unmotivated employees simply go through the motions? More often than not, the answer can be traced to a lack of identity associated with a company’s mission. On the other hand, all successful businesses have a clear understanding of the value they bring to their customers. They maintain a strong brand identity closely associated with the benefits they provide. This brand then becomes a central rallying point. This not only drives a company’s external marketing, but also defines its internal corporate philosophy. This is what inspires employees to deliver on their promise.

At Apple Box Studios, we understand the development of this rallying point is a direct result of effective employee communications. It is the internal energy source that makes a company tick and the ideals leadership is built upon. Without a robust, ongoing and well branded employee communication plan, both individuals and organizations will lack a sense of purpose. With a strong employer brand, every employee naturally knows the direction forward. This is why Apple Box Studios develops both external and internal communication initiatives. They are truly one and the same.

We provide organizational leaders with the tools they need to lead, to get out their message and make it stick. While employee communications come in many forms, we provide the following essential services for corporate communication initiatives:

  • Employee brands
  • Culture initiatives
  • Vision & mission
  • Executive communications
  • Change management
  • HR initiatives
  • Corporate communications
  • Project launches
  • PowerPoint design & templates
  • Training video & programs
  • Identity standard & guide lines
  • Recognition programs

This is how you fight the never-ending battle against complacency. You crush it.”

A Branding Story

Change Starts From Within

Imagine a company that cares for its customers—a company that cares so much, it carefully crafts a marketing message to spread the word and grow its business. This company buys TV commercials, radio spots, Google Adwords advertising and even the naming rights to a local sports stadium. This company that cares launches its new marketing campaign then waits for the revenue to roll in. But does the company truly care? Does the campaign deliver over the long-term?

Now imagine the same campaign turned inward—aimed at its employees—aimed at the very people who do the caring—who are called upon to deliver the care. Imagine this new campaign integrated into every moving part of the company—every possible touch point, every opportunity to care, every meeting, every routine and elevator ride.

Imagine this messaging in countless derivative forms—as a screen saver, in every leadership speech, across the website, at the bottom of every email, on the stub of your paycheck, on lobby posters, next to every water cooler, as part of every customer service call and every employee’s annual evaluation, integrated into an incentive program, echoed in your weekly sales meetings or the driving theme of a new community relations program.

Imagine not just a message, but a movement. This is how you fight the never-ending battle against complacency. You crush it. You do so with leadership, motivation and recognition, because companies can’t really care—only their people can—only individuals can create lasting change and start a movement. This is what we do at Apple Box Studios— we bring meaning to your mission by inspiring each and every employee.


Employer Brand

Teletracking is unlike any other healthcare company. Their mission is to save and celebrate time—the time a patient has to wait in a hospital—time that can be better spent doing more important things—the time employees spend together to make the world a better place. We created an employer brand and orientation package that delivered one powerful and compelling message to its workforce: the time they spend at Teletracking will be anything but ordinary.

Teletracking employer brand and orientation package inside
Teletracking employer brand and orientation package inside
Teletracking employer brand and orientation package cover
Teletracking employer brand and orientation package inside