Media Buying

We believe a message isn’t really a message unless it is delivered and retained by its audience. Therefore, we call this new communications discipline “delivery,” and it places a major emphasis on campaign execution, touchpoint innovation, monitoring, measuring, analysis and, most of all, making improvements over time based on smart analysis.

With its focus on data and not design, delivery demands that we ask the following: What actions and behaviors are we looking to create? Are these actions sustainable? How do they translate to performance? How will we measure this performance?

Traditional Advertising

Traditional Advertising

Getting Your Point Across

Creating, launching and managing any advertising campaign can be quite complex. It involves dividing a finite budget into an endless number of cost allocation possibilities. It involves analyzing and translating audience demographics into the perfect mix of marketing touchpoints and delivery channels. It involves negotiating numerous placements with numerous media outlets over numerous rounds of tradeoffs. Building an effective marketing campaign involves a sense of urgency because every day that goes by without a message is money lost.

Apple Box Studios always takes a holistic approach to advertising, meaning we look at the whole picture to achieve your desired outcomes. There are literally thousands of media buying choices to be determined, so it takes an experienced media buyer to help achieve rating points that result in reaching a higher percentage of your market. So where do you start? With your audience of course.

Traditional Advertising Services

  • Media strategy & planning
  • Media buying & negotiating
  • Market & audience research
  • Broadcast
  • Cable
  • Radio
  • Outdoor
  • Publications
  • Newspaper
  • Direct Mail
  • Campaign metrics & analysis

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Pandora, Click-to-Call, Google Ad Campaigns, Retargeting Display Ads, Native Advertising

Where does your audience hang out?

Apple Box Studios provides well-researched, well-organized and well-measured digital marketing campaigns that cut through all the tech jargon and monthly metrics. From audience targeting to post-buy analysis, we offer clients access to interested customers through a variety of inbound advertising platforms. Most of all, our campaigns are “always on” and always optimizing. This means we’re always watching every inch of your digital spend. Step up and let us launch a digital campaign for your company. Here are just a few of the reasons why digital dominates.

  1. Targeting
    Geography, age, gender, income, family and marital status, behavior, religion, politics, preferences, geo-fencing. It’s all available. It’s all a marketer’s dream.
  2. Grass Roots
    Digital is as direct as it gets. Driven by the power of search, there is no better way to take your messaging to the front lines, engage consumers ready to purchase and start collecting conversions.
  3. Testing
    A/B testing for messages, platforms, demographics and product offers is limited only by your imagination or budget. Well-managed metrics make it possible.
  4. Messaging Flexibility
    Digital marketing can accommodate almost any ad format—video, display, text, takeovers, audio and native. Scale up, scale down—stop, start or adjust your campaigns quickly and easily.
  5. Cost-Effective
    For many products and services, there is no better advertising value than programmatic, cost-per-click digital campaigns. You only pay for a consumer’s interest. Just make sure your message resonates.
  6. Measurement
    Digital advertising campaigns are driven by results, not research. Once launched, your campaign responds to the numbers, so there are no excuses. As they say, ‘if you’re not measuring, you’re only practicing.’

Social Media & Content Marketing

Social Media & Content Marketing

Speaking in One Digital Voice

Word-of-mouth is traveling faster than ever before as both positive and negative information move at the speed of the internet.

Customized to each client’s unique needs, our social media services are highly structured, professionally managed and closely monitored for results. We create, promote and continuously refine your social media persona. Most importantly, your digital marketing campaigns are measured and documented, providing a clear road map for continuous improvement.

Social Media Services

  • Analysis, recommendations & social media planning
    • Social media monitoring & active listening
    • Social media editorial calendar
  • Infrastructure build-out & campaign development
  • On-going content curation – dissemination & reporting
    • Social media monitoring & active listening
    • Social media management software lets us track, measure & report content marketing KPIs

Public Relations

Public Relations

Make Your Messages News Worthy

As an integrated marketing communications firm, Apple Box Studios offers clients public relations services. Our overarching mission is to establish and develop relevant and enduring connections between you and your audience. These connections can take many forms including media relations, event marketing and social media activities.

To fully capture the imagination of the public and maximize awareness, we proactively secure media placements on behalf of our clients in print publications, television and radio media as well as on-line bloggers and influencers. Most importantly, all of these placements must work together, stay on message and accurately represent your message.

Public Relations Services

  • Traditional media & public relations services
    • Earned & paid media outreach
    • Corporate communications & press releases
    • Editorial calendar creation & management
    • Executive communications & speech writing
    • Event & experiential marketing
  • Social media & content marketing
    • Viral campaign & contests
    • Blog content & management
    • Reputation management
    • Content curation
    • Lead generation tactics