Media Buying, Inbound Marketing & Digital Advertising in Pittsburgh

Media Planning, Buying & Administration

Most advertising agencies call it media buying. We think this is outdated thinking. Thanks to the explosion of inbound marketing, digital technology, social media and mobile platforms, a new paradigm for message distribution is quickly emerging and Apple Box Studios understands the underlying dynamics of this change.

We believe a message isn’t really a message unless it is delivered and retained by its audience. Therefore, we call this new communications discipline “delivery,” and it places a major emphasis on campaign execution, touchpoint innovation, monitoring, measuring, analysis and, most of all, making improvements over time based on smart analysis.

With its focus on data and not design, delivery demands that we ask the following: What actions and behaviors are we looking to create? Are these actions sustainable? How do they translate to performance? How will we measure this performance?

Delivery requires vision, leadership and unwavering determination. It requires the ability to see hundreds of moving parts and how they fit together. It requires the will and work ethic to analyze massive amounts of data, delineate results and report to your clients a different and clear path forward.

Advertising agencies everywhere are struggling to master this evolving and shifting landscape, let alone explain it. And while the marketing battle really never ends, it always begins with dedicated and creative individuals that care about making things happen. It starts with Apple Box Studios.