From web design to digital ads, from PowerPoint to tradeshow kiosks, we’re always thinking interactively.


Design & Implementation

For many companies, no other marketing tool is more mission-critical than a well-designed website. From analytics to lead generation to webinars, websites are driving productivity like never before. They create a powerful first impression, establish credibility and provide valuable, easily accessible information when and where the viewer desires. But more than that, websites are now full-scale, e-commerce platforms offering products for sale 24/7. Websites provide valuable sales support with both gated and non-gated assets, video presentations, interactive tutorials, virtual tours, lead generation, product specs, pricing and more. Websites are the go-to destination for all inbound marketing activities and also act as market research tools, measuring traffic and behavioral activity. For the brands we help create and manage, Apple Box Studios usually starts with an aesthetically attractive website that delivers the following features and benefits:

  1. Responsive web design for mobile devices
  2. Optimized for search
  3. Content managed for our clients’ convenience
  4. Built for social media & video integration
  5. Dynamic content & transactional in nature
  6. Lead generation & backend databases
  7. Hosting & security
  8. Brand compliant & user-friendly web design

Apple Box Studios always uses a phased approach to website development for two main reasons: First, keeping phase one of the project narrow and well defined ensures deadlines and budgets are met. Secondly, all websites today are “ever changing”, content managed and never finalized. This means that future development is expected and even required for SEO purposes. The following points highlight the basic components of our web design offering:

Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

Establishes site functionality requirements including forms, calendars, dynamic content, back end database development, content management and more. This also includes analytics to measure events such as information requests, email inquiries, gated assets, downloads, video views and landing page KPIs.

Interface Design

Interface Design

  • Home page design options
  • Revisions to home page based on client feedback until approved
  • Design comps for 1st and 2nd tier pages based on approved home page design
  • Clickable version of site design, revisions based on client feedback until approved
Production / Programming

Production / Programming

  • Build out entire site of phase one scope
  • Multiple reviews with client
  • Multiple rounds of revisions for copy, images, interactivity and navigation
  • (2) formal QA sessions with client team to receive direct change notes
Site Architecture

Site Architecture

  • Site architecture & navigation map
  • Wire Framing for specific pages and/or page types (CSS)
  • MetaData map for SEO keywords
Content Development

Content Development

  • The creation of detailed content maps for each page and/or element of the site
  • Maps contain proof-read copy for all components including H1, H2 and H3 headline, body copy, images, photos, buttons, menu navigations, footers, mastheads, interactive elements.
  • All copy is SEO driven
QA / Launch / Training

QA / Launch / Training

Content Management Training

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Rankings That Deliver Results

Can potential customers find your company website when searching online? What keywords and phrases are they searching for? What are the most popular search terms? How much effort and money are your competitors putting into organic search? Are you able to convert visitors to customers?

Every company wants to be on the first page of Google, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be there. Google has over 200 criteria in their algorithms for ranking and they’re constantly adding more.

Thanks to the power of search, inbound and digital marketing is dramatically changing the advertising landscape, and in many cases, organic search represents the largest untapped opportunity for many businesses. Apple Box Studios offers SEO services in three distinct categories:

  1. Analysis, audit & recommendations
  2. Site optimization including indexing, metadata, linking, copy enhancements
  3. Ongoing monitoring, reporting & improvements

Interactive Tools

Interactive Tools

Communication That Clicks

From interactive tradeshow presentations, to touch-screen kiosks, to vertical display monitors, Apple Box Studios brings together all the talent, know-how and creative imagination necessary to deliver engaging content that jumps off the screen and into the minds of your audience. Our innovative approach to designing interactive experiences is a direct result of our history with both website user-experience and the storytelling required for video production. Apple Box brings these two creative disciplines together to offer our communication clients unique tools that work in a variety of settings and deploy technology in the service of storytelling. Here are just a few of the interactive tools and programs we’ve created over the years:

  1. Customer service & hospitality training (ITxM)
  2. Online certification course for CBT (AHN)
  3. Web component frames for product features (Bayer Healthcare)
  4. Interactive touch-screen kiosks (Omnicell)
  5. Mobile App interface design (Jinzgo)
  6. Employee wellness program interface design (Fantasy Fitness)

Animated Powerpoint Presentations

Animated Powerpoint Presentations

Your Deck Never Looked Better

Since its inception in the 1980s, PowerPoint has always been, continues to be and will remain, a staple in the corporate communications world. Why? Technically, its easy to program. Visually, it can be as creative as your imagination. Most of all, it’s flexible, portable and can be updated seconds before a live presentation. In short, PowerPoint is universally accepted and it’s not going anywhere.

While many design and advertising firms have traditionally frowned at creating PowerPoint presentations, Apple Box Studios has embraced this tool and brought to life PowerPoint (PC) and Keynote (MAC) projects that any designer would be proud of.

Our PowerPoint philosophy is simple—PowerPoint slides should always play a supporting role to the presenter—never taking attention from the speaker, but enhancing his or her message, working together to complement the aural presentation. Perhaps, most importantly, we emphasize visual imagery to accompany and reinforce the verbal messaging, not heavy text or bullets that will never be retained by the audience. (Studies indicate that viewers will retain messages much more effectively when it is accompanied by a simple visual.) We only recommend using such PowerPoint decks with a lot of text as a leave-behind and distributed after the presentation. Much like video, PowerPoint is a perfect vehicle to visually delineate and simplify complex ideas with motion graphics and animated illustrations. Our designers are experts in PowerPoint and the animations that can make this application a powerful messaging tool in your communications strategy.