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Media Planning & Buying

Media Planning & Buying

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Marketing Plans & Budgeting

Marketing Plans & Budgeting

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Market Research

Market Research

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Strategic BluePrinting

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Strategic BlueprintingStrategic BluePrinting from Apple Box Studios is a consulting-based communications service, allowing companies to quickly and confidently move from strategy development to tactical solutions and execution in support of clear objectives. Built around highly-facilitated, highly-structured innovation sessions, BluePrinting strives to build a consensus among stakeholders in the following areas:

  • Audience segmentation and profiling
  • Competition research and market positioning
  • Touch point inventory and innovation
  • Aesthetic benchmarking
  • Brand definition and value proposition
  • Communication planning

Completely customized to each client’s specific needs, Strategic BluePrinting creates a clear communications road map from which to move forward in the form of a brand positioning platform and master marketing plan. BluePrinting is ideal for mid-size companies with the following challenges:

  • Limited market research knowledge. Many companies market by trial-and-error without a solid foundation often leading to mixed results
  • Companies unable to reach a consensus about marketing communication goals and solutions due to political, staffing or organizational issues
  • Companies with limited budgets and/or limited staff or time looking for an objective, third-party opinion about subjective marketing decisions

Media Planning & Buying

Where does your audience hang out?

Media Planning and Buying
Buying media today is like the wild, wild west. There are no rules. You need a firm that can guide you through the unknown—steer you away from danger—and blaze new trials. Working closely with our clients, we plan, negotiate and manage your media buying interests across numerous media channels.

Your marketing message needs to be proactively delivered to the right audience, at the right time, at the right place with consistency and frequency. To accomplish this, we are constantly meeting with media representatives to learn the latest and most effective ways to reach your audience. Whether it’s traditional or digital marketing, your media buy is professionally planned, negotiated, managed and measured by Apple Box Studios.

Marketing Plans & Budgeting

Have a plan. Work a system. Reach a goal.

Marketing Plans and BudgetingOur comprehensive marketing plans include detailed production and delivery schedules & budgets, touch point inventories & innovation, collateral requirements and, of course, baseline metrics to measure progress moving forward.

Over the years, Apple Box Studios has worked for a number of large to mid-size companies, creating a wide variety of multifaceted communication plans and campaigns. This experience has taught us a few very important lessons with regard to planning and execution. #1 Time is money. Don’t over plan. Keep things moving, but do it today. #2 Test, measure and make a decision. But do it today. #3 The marketing plan goes out the window on day one. Adapt. Improvise. Overcome. #4 Buy Your mother flowers on YOUR birthday, not hers.

Market Research

Know your audience & your aim.

From consumer focus groups to full-blown market research initiatives, we provide the insight necessary to make the most of your marketing communication efforts. Apple Box Studios offers top-tier market research and customer insight through preferred, third-party firms.

We provide qualitative and quantitative research, deep-dive data analytics, syndicated research, secondary research—including market, trends and competitive analysis—and synthesis and strategy. We can arrange for private focus group facilities to discretely observe consumer responses.