A Case Story

Startup Branding & Identity


A Completely Blank Canvas

Creating a corporate brand for an entirely new technology startup is no easy assignment. Everything is created out of thin air. So when Sparrow AI in Austin, Texas approached us to do just that, we had a lot of questions, and then we went to work.

In order to thoroughly understand the vision behind Sparrow AI, we conducted a formal research phase along with several rounds of stakeholder interviews, both individually and in group sessions.

By 2025, the healthcare industry will spend over
$34 billion
on AI-powered technology and Sparrow AI will help fuel this transformation.

Billions Wasted Every Year in Healthcare IT

Fraught with thousands of technology initiatives that never make it to the finish line, an estimated $300 to $450 billion is wasted every year across the U.S. healthcare system on IT alone. Innovators are forced to navigate a constantly shifting landscape dependent on protracted and convoluted approaches to software development by IT departments with no clinical experience. Regulatory, safety, and HIPPA requirements create a maze of hurdles for healthcare initiatives to overcome. All these obstacles overlap with the urgencies of medicine, greatly prolonging the software development life cycle (SDLC), and keeping projects from getting off the ground.

The Need for Sparrow AI

A Software-as-a-Service company, Sparrow AI recognized the absolute imperative to innovate smarter and faster and the traditional software development process was at the center of this healthcare opportunity. Using the power of AI, Sparrow allows non-technical users to develop software without the constraints of traditional IT departments—a revolutionary idea for healthcare. This market need was clearly documented in a formal brand positioning platform.


The Freedom to Innovate

Facilitating several creative benchmarking sessions with key Sparrow decision-makers, our story began to take shape as several messaging themes surfaced.

Positioned as the first software automation studio focused solely on the healthcare industry, Sparrow AI was boldly defining a new market space beyond no-code authoring applications. By allowing enterprise teams to take ownership of technology initiatives independent of IT departments, Sparrow AI flies over the obstacles of traditional software development.

An entirely new paradigm for SDLC, Sparrow AI empowers healthcare implementors and project teams, providing “on the fly” software development that is completely focused on the end solution, not the technological process to get there.

Taking Flight with a New Tagline

To bring this concept to life, a simple and highly appropriate tagline rose above all the others. “Take Fight” spoke to this newfound freedom and creatively echoed the name Sparrow.

To create a sense of receptiveness around the campaign, our design approach was bold, basic and youthful. Sparrow AI’s authoring, testing and documentation practices are so simple, a child could use them.



Transforming Healthcare Through Technology

Over the next decade, the healthcare industry will tackle the challenge of digital transformation, playing catch-up with many forward-thinking industries. As it does, Sparrow AI will help empower the solutions side of healthcare, allowing innovation to truly take flight.

They will do so with a professionally created brand that directly appeals to healthcare professionals with a clean and bold design.