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Social Media Marketing

Driving engagement with monthly content bundles

If your social media marketing is losing momentum, look no further. Apple Box Studios can energize your digital presence with monthly content creation, copywriting, delivery and social media management. Step up and get social.


Content Curation & Copywriting

Guttman Energy

Our monthly social media services always start with carefully crafted and customized content maps. Headlines and copy are created to attract attention on relevant and meaningful topics in your market space. Always terse and to the point, our words are never wasted as today’s social media consumer has no time to spare.

Always terse and to the point, our words are never wasted as today’s social media consumer has no time to spare.

For Guttman energy, a detailed editorial calendar keeps the process moving forward and ahead of schedule, allowing plenty of time for client revisions and course corrections. Each month, the ABS content team develops a comprehensive “map” for a series of posts, captions, image ideas and other special formats such as carousels and video shorts. After several internal iterations, clients provide change notes and it’s on to design.


Design & Deck Build

CONSOL Energy Not So Fast Campaign

Based on an approved content map, Apple Box Studios designers will create a monthly deck for client review. To provide context for our clients, social media decks include both the post artwork and the associated metadata, headlines, captions, tags and CTAs. Our monthly bundles remain branded to client identity standards, providing audiences with a consistent and well-coordinated visual experience.

For CONSOL Energy, our Not So Fast social media campaign generates millions of monthly impressions, with daily organic engagement creating thousands of comments.


Content Delivery & Reporting

Solutions 21 Weekly Insights

On behalf of our clients, ABS uses Hootsuite tools to organize, manage, deliver and measure all social media activities. Driven by our monthly reporting and analysis, messaging is always being optimized over time and constantly A/B tested for performance.

Analysis and ongoing improvements

For Solutions 21, a leadership development firm, we create and provide content bundles for its Weekly Insights virtual newsletter. This is high-quality leadership-related content for both clients and prospects in support of its knowledge leadership efforts. This content is then repurposed and supplemented to fuel the company’s robust social media presence. All in a week’s work.

Step up and get noticed.

Let Apple Box Studios create the perfect combination of words and artwork to effectively get out your unique message—loud and clear.