Video Production

With countless brand anthems, television commercials, explainer videos, training videos, and even social media content under our belt, we know a thing or two about telling a story.

Script Writing

Blueprints for the Big Picture

At Apple Box Studios, scriptwriting is both an art form and a science—one that requires the artist to clearly see the end result. Writing for video demands a unique set of human skills including a vivid imagination, uncanny sensibilities, a diverse collection of life experiences, a deep sense of human nature and, most of all, good taste. 

With these qualities, the scriptwriter’s job is to create a detailed blueprint of the end product—a roadmap of words that clearly expresses the way ahead. Using motion pictures, photography, illustration, text, narration, music, sound effects and imagination, the writer combines all these elements to evoke emotion, prove a premise and touch your audience.

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Script Writing

Video Production

The Science of Being Prepared

If we have one specialty, it’s video production—bringing stories and presentations together through moving pictures. Apple Box Studios produces an incredibly wide variety of video content for our clients. Some have been coming to us for over 15 years to tell their stories. Others have us shooting video projects around the world in places like Mexico, France, Italy, Brazil, China, and Norway.

What form do these videos take? Sales tools, event kickoffs, TV commercials, internet marketing, YouTube content, recognition tributes, reality television, product launches, brand anthems, HR training and executive communications.

Video Production


The Art of Juggling Infinite Possibilities

Editing for video is the art of refining and reshaping countless elements into the perfect whole—the process of chiseling a first cut down by creative trial and error. When just one element is out of sync or draws unnecessary attention to itself, it takes away from the whole and pulls the viewer out of the story.

Apple Box Studios offers its clients decades of know-how in post-production and non-linear editing including years of feature film experience. Our post-production services include:

  1. Advanced motion graphic design
  2. 3D animation
  3. Sound and music editing
  4. Infographic animations
  5. Powerful kinetic text video presentations
  6. Compositing and special visual effects
  7. Narrative video editing
  8. AfterEffects templates and execution

Videos that Speak for Themselves

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, imagine what a video can say about your brand.