A Case Story

Video Marketing


Video on the Horizon

In 2008, the marketing team at ANSYS wisely anticipated the coming wave of video consumption that dominates the digital landscape today. To leverage the power of internet video, they envisioned the creation of a robust motion picture pipeline fueling communication efforts across their entire enterprise.

Enter Apple Box Studios

In close partnership with Ansys, a world leader in engineering simulation software, Apple Box Studios created a comprehensive video production and distribution plan still going strong today. It all started with a clear understanding of their tech-savvy audience. Engineers are no-nonsense, matter-of-fact and analytical by nature. Our video scripting and creative approach reflected this engineering persona, but more than that, we created authentic stories that paid tribute to the incredible world engineers have designed all around us.


Managing an Ever-changing Battlefield

Like all elite brands, we focused on the “why,” not the “how.” Our videos featured the end products of engineering, not the rigorous process of engineering. This allowed Ansys to showcase some of the largest technology brands on the planet along with the amazing products they designed, all with the help of Ansys simulation solutions.

Integrated Services. Wide-ranging Solutions.

From brand anthems to product marketing, from customer stories to knowledge leadership, from internal events to tradeshow kiosks, Apple Box Studios steadily grew its Ansys video business over a decade. From concept to delivery, we provide a full range of video production services, including scripting, shooting, 3D modeling, remote testimonial capture, drone photography, comprehensive video editing and delivery services.

Video Brand Standards

To manage this large of video types, for a wide range of business departments, reaching out to several unique audiences, Apple Box created comprehensive video brand standards for all motion creators and collaborators. As an extension of their existing brand guidelines, these video standards provided detailed direction regarding the use of typography, animated graphics, transitions, product line logo animations, stock photography and motion imagery, treatment of software screens, music, voice over and plenty of benchmark examples.

For over a decade, Apple Box Studios has been an integral part of our marketing team.”

Tom Smithyman
Senior Director of Corporate Communications


The High Technology of Marketing is Video

As custodians of the Ansys brand, Apple Box Studios manages a huge library of video elements on their behalf. In this respect, we have been able to deliver real quality, cost-effectiveness and rapid response times.

A Video Pipeline Fueling Results

More than powerful messages, Ansys videos help to drive search results, generate customer leads, showcase knowledge leadership, deliver employee communications, and act as gated assets on their website. Today, Apple Box remains at the core of the Ansys video program, working closely with multiple departments, including investor relations, product marketing, executive communications, tradeshow presentations, internal communications, social and digital media, and event marketing.