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Apple Box Studios is pleased to offer proactive marketing services for a flat, predetermined monthly retainer fee. Retainer clients get the peace of mind knowing their fees are fixed and the services provided are highly regimented, performed daily and well documented.

Apple Box retainer services are perfect for marketing departments limited in staff and/or requiring outside expertise to bring traction and effectiveness to their ongoing communication efforts. Retainer clients avoid additional payroll obligations and HR issues related with hiring new employees. Services can be terminated or turned off and on at a moment’s notice. Retainer plans are all customized starting as low as $4500 per month.

All packages are customized to our clients’ specific goals and budgets. Retainer Service Agreements are perfect for both B2B and B2C companies that want to aggressively grow their marketing efforts over time. The following services are available under retainer partnerships.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Digital Advertising


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine

Executive Communications


Public Relations


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The Benefits of Retaining Apple Box Studios

  1. Discounted hourly rates
  2. No surprises or unanticipated costs
  3. Intimate knowledge of your business
  4. Priority treatment and quick response time
  5. Proactive and strategic thinking
  6. Long-term relationship and trust