Branding & Design

From brand creation to campaign execution Apple Box Studios can build your brand, and your revenues, from the ground up.

Logo & Identity

Your Trademark is Our Tradecraft

What’s in a name, a trademark or a logo? The answer is simple, but profound—it’s your company’s DNA. It’s the single most important, identifiable symbol you own. Apple Box Studios creates identity and brand standards that include the following elements:

  1. Logo and tagline
  2. Colors and font
  3. Design and image
  4. Usage and Iconography
  5. Mood, style and theme
Logo & Identity

Copy Writing

So Let it Be Written. So Let it Be Done.

It can be difficult to find a good copywriter in today’s competitive and ever evolving communications landscape. At Apple Box Studios, everything we create, every concept, every theme-line, every script, wire-frame and proposal brief begins as a simple Word document. You might say we’re experts at Microsoft Word. Not just the application, but the actual words themselves.

Creative writing is the soul of Apple Box Studios. We like to say, “Nothing is real unless it’s written down.” Our words give shape to abstract ideas. They become the blueprints for design. They ring true with readers and make our clients smile. Our words give meaning and energy to old ways of thinking.

At Apple Box Studios, the art of writing is the art of re-writing. Here, the creative process calls for the constant rearrangement of thoughts and messages until the perfect point is expressed.

Copy Writing

Graphic Design

Seeing is Believing

Two simple words best describe the Apple Box approach to graphic design—stopping power. In our world, visual design is always created in the service of a goal. Words that make a point, that bring ideas to life, that evoke meaning.

When design and copy work together as a perfectly integrated whole, that’s when the magic happens. Apple Box Studios offers the following design services:

  1. Distinctive graphic design
  2. Image retouching
  3. Packaging design
  4. Publication design
  5. Illustration or interactive design
Graphic Design

Brand & Campaign Development

Putting All the Moving Parts in Motion

Brand development and brand management are specialties here at Apple Box Studios. Are you an established company that needs to re-energize its image, stand out from the crowd, or make a big splash? Or perhaps a new tech startup ready to get your messaging out to the world. Apple Box Studios can quickly help establish your own unique brand and bring it to life in a campaign catered to your audience.

Brand & Campaign Development