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FIGHTING COMPLACENCY with a Powerful Employee Communications Plan

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Complacency is one of the most pervasive problems facing American companies today, especially larger corporations where accountability can easily fall through the cracks.

But how can organizations encourage accountability? How can you incentivize a culture of ownership? How can companies not only communicate with their employees, but truly inspire and motivate them? This is the root mission of every HR department tasked with optimizing the productivity and value of society’s most formidable resource: its people.

To do this, most successful businesses provide two simple things: the direction forward and the motivation to move ahead. They also maintain a strong brand identity closely associated with their mission and purpose. This internal branding acts as a central rallying point encouraging employees to deliver on the promise of their chosen profession.

With this goal in mind, a powerful and consistent communications campaign should be integrated into every moving part of the company—every possible touch point, every meeting and elevator ride. Imagine this messaging in countless derivative forms—as a screen saver, in every leadership speech, at the bottom of every email, on the stub of your paycheck, on lobby posters, integrated into an incentive program, echoed in your weekly sales meetings or the driving theme of a new community relations program.

A persuasive employee communications campaign becomes the energy source that fuels leadership and makes a company tick. Without robust, ongoing and well branded employee communications, your workforce will lack a sense of purpose. With a strong, omnipresent plan, every employee knows the way forward.

This is how you fight the never-ending battle of complacency. You inspire employees to care with bold words and a clear vision. Only then will your communication efforts become more than messaging—it will become a movement.