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“Minimalism is Boring” … To Who?

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This blog is a response to the following article:

As a creative, I love exploring the world through an “artist’s lens.” An artist creates beautiful moments out of every day, menial tasks. Roaming the aisles of a grocery store can turn into a change in perspective; walking to get a cup of coffee can spark an inspiring idea. Isn’t life all about staying creatively curious and exploring our ideas? As much as I love romanticizing my thoughts and life, I must confess to my [maybe unpopular] opinion: graphic design isn’t the place to express one’s personal creativity. Before you close out of this browser window, let me explain!!!

While I love playing with my creativity in my free time, simple, minimal graphic design is easier to understand and navigate. One practical example is from an online user’s perspective: I’m logged into my health insurance account and trying to schedule an appointment with one of my doctors. I have a task I’m trying to complete— I don’t want any barriers. That means I need straightforward navigation at the top of my screen; I need buttons that stand out from their background with clear, concise messaging; I need the designer to make the user experience as easy to follow as possible.

On the contrary, as I walk into a children’s museum, I expect to experience explosions of color, shapes, and textures. It makes sense. All designers need to know their audience and make design decisions with the end user in mind. If they fail to be mindful, a mess is imminent.

Just because I prefer a more minimal approach to design doesn’t mean my desk isn’t strewn with wireframes, inspiration booklets, and scrap paper. So, the point of minimal design, you ask? The answer is in the question…keep it minimal. All of this to say, read the room, designers!