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The Six Basic Principles of Video Production

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After 20 years as a video production company, we’ve learned there’s a series of important philosophies that simply can’t be overlooked. They have nothing to do with technology, camera, or even the talent—it’s all about the mindset behind every video marketing campaign we produce. We call it the principles of video production.  


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail—it’s an old saying, but it caught on for a reason. That’s why we set ourselves up for success by focusing on the details first—video campaign specs, delivery format, aspect ratio, audience, everything. Once we know what we’re dealing with, we complete our strategy plan, setting deadlines and strategies that set our vision in motion.


If not executed properly, certain constraints, like time, limit the statement a video can make. The perfect messaging gets client’s points across concisely and memorably. We write and rewrite until we convey that story perfectly.  


You don’t make a statement by copying everyone else, so our designers take the road less traveled by. They put on their thinking caps and draw inspiration from unlikely places, creating ideas that stand out, while still capturing your brand.


Here at Apple Box, we believe a first draft = garbage. Well—not really. But we rewrite and revise constantly as we check in with clients and audiences throughout our process, fine tuning every detail until we capture the perfect vision.


If you’re not measuring, you’re only practicing. By conducting pre- and post-production evaluations regarding performance, we get an idea of what to focus on, where we can improve, and what we can change about our process.  After all—this feedback helped us grow into one of the top video production companies in Pittsburgh.


All our hard work comes together during delivery—so we painstakingly ensure every detail is perfect. Once our videos are ready for presentation to the public, we make sure delivery is timed perfectly, seen by the right audiences, and repeated until it is recognized.