Urgency. Detail. Optimization. Creativity. Today’s marketing and communications industry calls for it all- and then some. At Apple Box Studios, we view project work through a lens of how to refine an audience, how to make a campaign more interesting, how to make a message grow. With that comes the requirement to be able to juggle multiple client projects and to never fall short on service.

To manage effectively and efficiently, I tell myself two things every day. Track and react.


As a project manager, one of my key responsibilities is to keep track of all moving project parts. Project milestones, team progress, client communications and of course industry news. At the start of each week I set priorities for every project phase, reorganize those priorities, and follow-up. Let’s just say my calendar is one of my best friends.


Working in an ad agency has taught me how to react, quickly. As an extension of our client’s team, we must be able to lend support. Whether it takes the form of video production or media planning, there always seems to be a race for time. So quick reactions are key to keep moving. Also, as an ad agency, it is important that we react to what’s going on in the market space today. Whether that be utilizing the latest trends on social media or creating innovative communication tools on behalf of our clients.

Tracking and reacting provides a proactive work balance in my department- leaving everything else to fall into place.