Michael M. Kadrie, Author at Apple Box Studios

Author: Michael M. Kadrie

Less is More (More or Less)

When it comes to video productions for digital media, many companies struggle with how long their message should be. I always say that, when deciding this, it’s best to put yourself in the viewers seat. How much information, based on


Templates < > Cookie Cutters

More and more template websites are out there to help the busy creative artist. To most people they symbolize a sort of short-cut to getting a project done. To the lazy, they are an easy path to not having to

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Don’t Tiptoe Around the Mistletoe

Do you remember how magical Christmas was when you were a kid? Depending on your age, your experience of that magic might be a little different than other generations. But make no mistake, it was probably pretty magical. Visiting Santa,

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Breaking Out of Your Creative Rut

When a Creative Services firm is just starting out, there is usually some excitement about the possibilities of where they can go with the talents and desires. For instance, maybe they want to set out to specialize in Retro Designs

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Effective Advertising: A word about hybrids

Consumer-based companies always have a tough choice to make – “What is the most effective way to advertise our product?”. Ah, and age-old question that is packed with a variety of answers. Let’s review some of the methods that an

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