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We recently came across an article in Ad Age about the future of small advertising agencies and we’re happy to report—the future looks bright. The article’s key take-away: “small agencies are at an advantage due to three major innovations that

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The Influencer Marketing Takeover

influencer marketing

A huge trend took place in marketing this past year. It happen so quickly, most of us didn’t realize this shift was happening. One of the biggest changes is the rapid growth of influencer marketing. To understand this trend, we

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Google Limits Search Ads on Addiction Rehab Queries

google adwords rehab

Exclusive: Google is cracking down on sketchy rehab ads Following a Verge report about rehabs gaming Google, the company begun pulling AdWords This past week, marketers in the $35 billion addiction rehab industry are facing unpleasant surprises. No more Google ads. The

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Pittsburgh Business Times: Apple Box Tops List of Fastest Growing Advertising Agencies

Apple Box Studios named one of Pittsburgh’s Fastest Growing Agencies It is our pleasure to announce Apple Box Studios as a winner of the 2017 Fastest Growing Companies award! The award represents the Pittsburgh Business Times’ ranking of our area’s fastest-growing

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How To Win With Creative Competition in your Ad Agency

Competition. It’s not just for our favorite athletes duking it out on the field each week. Competition can be an extremely useful tactic in coaxing out creativity. Your clients keep you on your toes, so it’s essential to make sure

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Bring your•self to life

Our Latest Work For Our Latest Client

Apple Box Studios is pleased to present “Bring your•self to life,” our latest awareness campaign for our newest client, Gateway Rehab. This campaign celebrates the achievement of recovery and can be seen across, print, television and digital platforms. Step Up

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Your Inner Picasso

What does it mean to be creative?

  We often think about creativity as making something. We think Mozart, Picasso, Einstein. But in fact, the root of the word means ‘to grow’. Human beings are essentially born creative. From infancy on we find innovative ways to negotiate

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Breaking Out of Your Creative Rut

When a Creative Services firm is just starting out, there is usually some excitement about the possibilities of where they can go with the talents and desires. For instance, maybe they want to set out to specialize in Retro Designs

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The Goods on Creative Communication

One big question I often get asked is, “how do you communicate your creative ideas before you get to the actual creation?”  And I’ve had countless discussions with others on the matter of creative communication, because there certainly isn’t one

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Implementing Competition into Your Creative Design Process

Smaller advertising agencies and marketing design firms have a special challenge when it comes to consistently delivering a quality work product. Here are five simple ways to insert competition into your creative design process: Creative Options are Everything Whether you’re a

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