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We often think about creativity as making something. We think Mozart, Picasso, Einstein. But in fact, the root of the word means ‘to grow’. Human beings are essentially born creative. From infancy on we find innovative ways to negotiate life. The truth is that all sorts of people, possessing various levels of intelligence and natural ability, are capable of engaging in fulfilling creative processes.  We all have the ability to harness our idea-generating powers and make our lives interesting and fulfilling…our very own masterpieces.

Like myself, there are many of us in this beautiful world that may not have chosen a profession that accentuates our individual creativity. We are not Creative Directors, Graphic Designers or Interior Decorators, from which beautiful and tangible creative elements are produced. But I do believe there is an element of creativity in everything we do. I may be a Business Manager with very little connection to the creative aspect of our company, (pushing paper, handling cash and other mundane non-creative tasks) but I have many ways of summoning my inner Picasso and Einstein, in and outside of the office. Here are my top five favorites:

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  1. Decorating! I am obsessed with decorating. My home, your home, office spaces, anything! I get so much joy out of transforming spaces and/or pieces of furniture into something new and fresh!
  2. Organizing! Give me anything and I can organize it. It may not remain organized, but I can totally create a space for everything you own.
  3. Cooking! I get super excited every time I get the chance to cook something new. Especially when it turns out yummy!
  4. Event Planning! I thoroughly enjoy a good crowd of happy people and get such a rush planning and creating an environment that brings people together.
  5. Parenting! My creativity is constantly put to the test while raising my children. From up-cycling broken bits of crayons and painting rocks to implementing effective discipline and crucial time management, my creative side is constantly being summoned. And let’s not forget that it takes an IMMENSE amount of creativity to manage the magic of little Ms. Snowflake, our Holiday Elf on the Shelf! Major daily brainstorming on that one!

So forget the idea that creativity is saved for the select few. With a willingness to learn and desire to start, anyone can be creative. We may not all be able to make a living of it, but we can certainly exercise our inner growth and originality in our everyday life.

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