We recently came across an article in Ad Age about the future of small advertising agencies and we’re happy to report—the future looks bright. The article’s key take-away: “small agencies are at an advantage due to three major innovations that are increasingly changing the future of advertising—speed, specialization and the rise of the creative.” Let’s take them one at a time.

Speed. Responsiveness. Service—call it what you wish—time is everything in business and smaller ad agencies are better equipped to ramp up a project, react to market opportunities and provide hands-on service to their clients.  Smaller ad agencies are usually hungrier and out to prove themselves.


Many smaller advertising agencies specialize in niche verticals or delivery channels, so it only makes sense to go small. Our specialties here at Apple Box Studios—healthcare marketing, tech start-up and employee communication. And let’s not forget about video production.

Finally, we come to creative—the great equalizer. A huge, game-changing idea can come from anywhere, not just a larger ad agency. We’ve always believed our creative stands up against any size agency. Ad Age makes it clear that advertisers are going where the ideas are. In other words—it’s the creative that counts.

If you’re thinking about going with a smaller advertising firm or already working with one, this is an article for you.  Enjoy.

You can read the full article here.