Competition. It’s not just for our favorite athletes duking it out on the field each week. Competition can be an extremely useful tactic in coaxing out creativity. Your clients keep you on your toes, so it’s essential to make sure your ideas are always scoring. Here are four simple ways to insert creative competition into your creative design process:

4 Ways To Win With Creative Competition

Creative Competition At Work

1.) Give Yourself Options

Whether you’re a creative director, account executive, art director or writer, it’s crucial to always remain focused on the big picture. Yes, the little details set you apart, but you must remember to choose your battles wisely. Some details won’t make or break your idea no matter how many alterations you make. By keeping your creative competitions focused on the big picture, you can facilitate more meaningful and insightful discussions. You can improve on your first drafts and provide your client with more well-rounded options.

2.) Keep Your Creative Expectations High

Doing your research is a key element in maintaining your creativity. It also gives you a high standard in which to measure all of your creative ideas. Every marketing endeavor should begin with an in-depth research phase. It’s important to dig deep and really take the time to develop your ideas. Don’t settle for the first thing you see or come up with the night before a client meeting.

3.) Go To Your Creative Corners

When in the midst of any creative competition, allow your teams to split up and develop ideas separately before coming back together. Sometimes taking moments of solitary reflection can inspire great ideas that can be better fleshed out with the collaboration of others.

4.) Best In Show

The best part about competition is the satisfaction you receive from a job well done … right? UUUHHHH … sure! But a little reward never hurt, too ; )

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