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Must Read: Visual Content Marketing for Social Media

Every now and then we come across an article or information that captures our attention and we feel is a must-read for our clients. Here is one such article about the increasing importance to incorporate visuals when curating your online

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Production Value: You Don’t Need A Fancy Budget

You Must Watch Before You Proceed: Two big words in video are production and value.  What does production value mean?  Often there is a negative financial connotation associated with that phrase, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that a lot of

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Video Production Projects

Apple Box Studios is pleased to share commercials produced for our client, Northwood Realty Services. As a video production agency, Apple Box is committed to creating stunning motion pictures that help our clients get noticed in the market place. Check

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Our Newest ANSYS Video

Apple Box's Latest Video Project For ANSYS

By now, you’ve probably heard of the “Internet of Things“: the global nervous system connecting over two hundred billion smart devices. Our client, ANSYS, is using the internet of things to help engineer the “connected soldier” for the U.S. military.

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The Viewer Experience

How To Take Your Video Marketing To The Next Level

You just hit “Render” on your latest video production project. It’s perfect. No … take that back. It’s spectacular! The voice over was spot-on, the tagline at the end is more poetic than Shakespeare and the motion graphics are a

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The Internet of Things and ANSYS

Motion graphics video produced by Apple Box Studios

Chances are, you’ve heard of the Internet of Things – A global nervous system that will connect over two hundred billion smart devices to the Internet by the year 2020. Our client, ANSYS Inc. provides the comprehensive suite of simulation

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Barney Visits Pittsburgh: The Sequel

The sequel to Barney Visit’s Pittsburgh, produced by Apple Box Studios

The Pittsburgh region has a proud sense of identity. Our work ethic, our shared history, our diverse ethnicities, lifestyles and businesses are reflected in the buzzing, daily activity and neighborhoods that make up one of the most livable regions in the country.

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Addicted to Video

More and more brands hitting play on video marketing strategies

As predicted, video is becoming the content of choice in 2015 and it shows no signs of pausing. According to eMarketer, analysts are bracing for the US audience for digital video (video consumed on any digital device) to pass 200 million in 2015

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Video Content Take-Over

Today, we see time and again the endless stats and advice from industry specialists about the growing popularity and need to not only produce video, but to produce good video content. Why? Screens are getting smaller. People are getting harder

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Smaller-Scale Ad Agency Wins Clients Through Creative Competitions

Apple Box Studios was recently featured in the Pittsburgh Business Times! Learn more about our unique approach to creative development.

Photography by Joe Wojcik Apple Box Studios’ staff competitions bring out best 02/17/2012 – by Patty Tascarella Senior Reporter Pittsburgh Business Times Apple Box Studios needed to add bigger and better clients in order to grow. It was losing out

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