You just hit “Render” on your latest video production project. It’s perfect. No … take that back. It’s spectacular! The voice over was spot-on, the tagline at the end is more poetic than Shakespeare and the motion graphics are a sight to behold. There’s no way your client is not going to love it! Social media is going to crazy when you post this video project to the web.

Well, you hope so. They will go nuts. If they can find it and if it’s easy to watch.

Your video content is only as good as the viewer experience you provide for your audience. You could have the most fantastic, award-winning, video production piece, but if it is not accessible you might as well be trying to whisper during a rock ‘n roll concert.

Positive view experiences mean better engagement, higher viewing time and a greater chance that your business objective will be served. How do you achieve the ultimate viewer experience? By controlling how easily your viewers find, watch and take action on a particular video, you can continue to create a masterful viewer experience.

Enhancing the viewer experience with video marketing

4 Core Elements of Viewer Experience

1. Search & Discoverability

Easy navigation and exploration within the video itself are crucial to crafting a “lean – in” experience. A “lean in” is described as active engagement of the viewer and timeline control of their experience. By actively searching for key terms inside the timeline, you can achieve the best “lean in” experience.

2. Specific Content

The best way to provide your audience with the most specific content is to create an automatic association between the video and relevant content with an in-depth knowledge of the metadata surrounding a video and, also, within it. The result is increased relevance of the content, which in turn increases the amount of time that is spent on your site and content.

3. Social Sharing

Video is great content to share on social media … unless it’s too long. Most business-based videos face this problem, especially in the case of product launch pieces. Usually longer videos are accompanied with a note like “Start 2:21”, but you can make social sharing more efficient by posting a video snippet.

4. Calls to Action

As marketers, we are all familiar with calls to action and how vital they are to reaching business objectives. By leveraging a video’s metadata, it’s possible to create dynamic calls to action that can take viewers to subsequent relevant actions. Content owners are then able to track and analyze viewers’ actions to determine which CTAs should be used to enhance the viewer experience.

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