Would we really be an ad agency if we didn’t discuss the commercial victors of Super Bowl LII? The options were anything but limited. For a full review, check out Ad Age’s break down.

Meanwhile, we will be showcasing the digital buzz surrounding the ads provided by the partnership of Ad Age and iSpot.tv, a real-time TV ad measurement company with attention and conversion analytics for more than seven million smart TVs.

Below are a list of rankings that give particulare weight to earned online views and social impressions. iSpot’s data shows that Super Bowl ads generated more than 84 million views across Facebook and YouTube on game day alone; a bulk of that being nearly 51 million of the unpaid/earned views on YouTube. Engagement (including mentions and shares) with those ads also generated about 805.7 million social impressions during the big game.

Game Day Totals


TV Ad Impressions


Earned Online Views


Social Impressions






Show Promos

Top Ads by Digital Share of Voice

Excluding movie trailers & show promos

1 Doritos & Mountain Dew: Battle

17.26% Digital Share of Voice

Key Stats
TV Ad Impressions: 72,634,205
Earned Online Views: 1,143,039
Social Impressions: 78,315,883

2 Amazon Echo: Alexa Loses Her Voice

12.49% Digital Share of Voice

Key Stats
TV Ad Impressions: 81,225,165
Earned Online Views: 8,045,717
Social Impressions: 4,527,919

3 NFL: Touchdown Celebrations

 11.28% Digital Share of Voice

Key Stats
TV Ad Impressions: 69,280,322
Earned Online Views: 464,842
Social Impressions: 20,522,569

4 Pepsi: This Is the Pepsi

 8.09% Digital Share of Voice

Key Stats
TV Ad Impressions: 64,827,355
Earned Online Views: 3,932,985
Social Impressions: 5,639,978

5 Tide: It’s a Tide Ad

5.45% Digital Share of Voice
Key Stats
TV Ad Impressions: 67,198,290
Earned Online Views: 763,721
Social Impressions: 26,747,404