The company’s CEO shifts to focus more on“time well spent” on the platform (even though few inside Facebook seem to know how to define that metric).

Part of our social media manager’s job is to rummage through the internet to find content we think is appealing, informative, or interesting to those that visit our site; A.K.A. content curation.

In case you haven’t heard, 2018 is the year of new algorithms. What does that mean? That everything you once new about Facebook posting and ad placement is getting turned upside down. It no longer about getting likes or views. Facebook wants to see “meaningful engagement.” But what exactly counts as meaningful engagement? Is that just shorthand for more comments over reactions?

We’ll continue to investigate the latest updates alongside other brilliant social media marketers and influencers. But in the meantime, this clever Buzzfeed author claims she’s cracked the code.

Read more on how she tortured her friends and colleagues by sharing a video she deemed cringe-worthy here.

And think about how time can be well spent on your posts going forward!