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A Word From Andrea, Apple Box Marketing Specialist

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So I am rounding out my first year here at the Box as a project specialist. I came to Apple Box Studios as sort of a catch-all employee for overflow work. This meant that from the very beginning I got to put on a bunch of different hats and attend all kinds of meetings. Creative, financial or admin you name it, I’ve done it. While my official title is Client Services Manager it should be something more like “Person Who Does What is Asked.”

In that vein I’d like to talk about how I defeat busy. In an office where any number of requests can be thrown my way, I needed to learn how to prioritize, organize, conquer and defeat a mountain of tasks ranging from piddling to big time from a number of co-workers. I’d also like to mention some cool things I’ve learned along the way.

Project work has bubbled to the top as a main priority. Paper edits, music tracks, time-codes and stock footage searches all come with client deadlines. The most fun thing I have ever done for a client (and gotten paid for) was finding a Mr. T wig and costume for a video shoot. When the wig arrived it was a little long. Guess who got to whip out the scissors and trim up that mohawk and stick-on beard? That’s right, yours truly.

New business development also takes up a chunk of time. You know that old saying “make new friends but keep the old?” We are always on the lookout for new clients. Together with Inside Sales I try to win us a bit of new business whenever I get the chance to respond to a particularly sexy looking RFP.

The last big ticket item is keeping our Creative Director organized. That means all kinds of things. I am in charge of correspondence, charity events, internal office events, finding appropriate freelancers, intern requests, researching conferences, telling him he must leave RIGHT NOW to get to the meeting on time and knowing when the very last bit of office coffee is going to run out.

A comment now on things I’ve learned along the way. Every ad should have a hero and a call to action. Thanks Art Director Dan B. Let’s call a spade a spade. Retargeting=Stalking. Lastly, for SEO purposes you can’t just write Social Media, Video Production, and Marketing Communications over and over again via Jack Nicholson in The Shining. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy style. Google will catch you. They have eyes everywhere.