A good cinematic scare can have its perks!  In our favorite fright night features, we learn to prepare for the worst; scary movies turn us into survivalists in spooky situations. When faced with adversity, the first place our mind races to is “that one scene in [insert movie title here] .

For example, you know if a zombie apocalypse strikes overnight, a solid blow to the head will take care of those walkers for good. We learn never to open the door, or go in the basement. (If you MUST go in the basement though, sprint for your life up those stairs after you turn out the lights).

So give yourself a fright this weekend and watch some scary movies, it’s entertaining and educational! Think of it as KILLING two birds with one stone.

In honor of our spooky Halloween celebration, we asked our Apple Boxers to name their favorite fright night flicks!

Apple Box Studios Alyssa Petroplus: Hocus Pocus

Apple Box Studios Caitlyn Depp: Psycho

Apple Box Studios Mike Kadrie : MAGIC

Apple Box Studios Lisa Kefalos: The Skeleton Key

Apple Box Studios Amy Meyers: The Shining

Apple Box Studios Anastasia Coates: The Anti-Christ

Apple Box Studios Tana Mitchell: Paranormal Activity

Apple Box Studios Dan Filipek. The Shining

Apple Box Studios Thad Ciechanowski: The Mist

Apple Box Studios Christian Horta: The Gallows

Apple Box Studios Jess Joseph: The Conjuring

Apple Box Studios Marielle Cafaro: Sinister


Apple Box Studios: Fright Night Features



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