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Wrigley U.S. Cuts the Cord On Skittles Mother’s Day Ad

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Yes, the bond between mother and child is sacred, but this was just too close for comfort.

When it comes to Skittles adverts it looks like the weirder, the better. . In the ad, a guy sits on the couch with his mom. He tosses out flavors of Skittles before dropping a bombshell, saying “Oh mother, I love eating Skittles every time you eat Skittles,” where the camera then pans out to an image of mother and son still connected by umbilical cord.

Matt Montei, Senior Director of Confections at Wrigley U.S. explained to ADWEEK why the ad was removed. “We made this video for every mom who likes gross jokes, and we are taking it down for every mom who doesn’t,” he said.

Guess the umbilical cord gag was just too much for everyone to stomach.