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My Advertising Internship: Claire’s Experience

As my junior year at Grove City College flew by, I knew that the upcoming summer was imperative for me to explore the “real world” and gain as much experience as possible in what I am passionate about: creativity and

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Learning to Box: My Advertising Internship

Haley Describes Her Summer Internship Experience

I came to Apple Box following my sophomore year at Penn State. I began my first internship with high hopes of furthering my marketing and overall business experience. And that is exactly what I got! Over these last three months,

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My Advertising Internship at The Box

How My Internship Prepared Me For My Final Year At College

As a soon to be senior at Penn State University, I knew finding an internship that would help me grow professionally, and give me first hand experience in the communications and marketing fields was imperative. After interning at Apple Box

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