I came to Apple Box following my sophomore year at Penn State. I began my first internship with high hopes of furthering my marketing and overall business experience. And that is exactly what I got! Over these last three months, I have gained an abundance of experience from actually being able to contribute to projects involving our clients and from seeing how an ad agency runs daily. It is extremely rewarding to know that my efforts as an intern are recognized and used with our own clients and within the company.

            I learned a lot and completed an enormous amount of work involving content marketing and search engine optimization, which I found to be fascinating. As marketing continues to shift to digital, I learned just how important both of these components are to enhance online business. I had the opportunity to write new pages for a website, which incorporated content marketing and SEO strategies. Additionally, I had opportunities to write copy for Apple Box to improve our own search engine optimization- everyone should do it!

            Throughout my internship, I worked with every single team member at Apple Box, which gave me the chance to be fully integrated into the company environment for three whole months. One experience I was very surprised to be a part of was video production. I got to assist with the casting, directing, set dressing, and all of the production involved to create a one or two-minute video (which entails a lot more than you would think). Assisting on set was such a great experience because I never really thought that marketing would include all of the production that it does.

            Having this learning experience at Apple Box has prepared me more than a textbook ever would for real world job experiences. I think it is so important to see how a business operates before you join the workforce because it prepares you for the work and professionalism that is expected. I am so grateful to have made great relationships with everyone at the Box and for everything the team has taught me. Thank you Apple Box Studios for a great summer and for preparing me for the marketing world!

Summer Internship Memories with Haley:

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