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Looking Beyond COVID-19

Let’s face it, we’re all inundated with newsadvice and opinions about the COVID19 crisis, sharing and circulating the same conversations of uncertainty over and over again. While we continue to do our part in getting through this pandemic, we think it’s time to look past this shut-down and start to plan for the permanent changes that it will leave in its wake. For those of us in the marketing communications industry, here are just a few considerations to think about: 

  • Productivity will drop 
    • An increase in the remote workforce will have a negative effect on productivity. While technology has worked wonders, it comes with limitations and frustrations 
    • Workforce healthcare will become a greater priority. Improvements and new policies will be implemented at the expense of productivity. 
  • IT will expand 
    • Information technology, connectivitycybersecurity and cloud services will play an even greater role as more business is conducted remotely.    
  • Advertising budgets will grow 
    • As business conferences, off-sites and tradeshows shrink in both number and size, their budgets will get reallocated to proven marketing and advertising efforts.  
    • Travel will also be curtained, again freeing up funds for alternate ways to reach customers.                                      
    • Digital advertising will see an even greater rise in utility. 
    •  Video marketing will get a boost. If sales teams can’t reach out and touch customers in person, video might be the next best thing.
  • Business calendars will be reworked 
    • When tradeshows and other large conferences are rescheduled, they will be planned for the summer and fall, away from flu season and potential future epidemics. 
  • Video communications will evolve 
    • Training a remote workforce will require more video content, both as a real-time messaging vehicle and as pre-produced presentations. 
    • Television and digital video advertising will be driven by more direct messaging and creative motion graphics and less by high production value, crewing and travel 
    • Less video shooting will necessitate content provided by knowledge leaders and subject matter experts.   
    • Media Training for executive leadership and middle managers will become commonplace. 
  • Change equals opportunity 
    • This too shall pass. When the dust settles, the economy will spring back—we hope sooner rather than later. Organizations will be in much better shape if they adapt and innovate.   
  • simple handshake will take on a whole new meaning 
    • Shaking hands will truly be a sign of trust and confidence. 


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