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Internal Communications v/s Human Resources: Are they the same?

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The lines between Human Resource Management and Internal Communications is often blurred. Many companies see these as one in the same, while others have separate departments and/or employees for these functions. Both functions are engaging with the same audience (employees), so it makes sense that they work closely together.

Definition of Human Resources (HR) – The division of a company that is focused on activities relating to employees. These activities normally include recruiting and hiring new employees, orientation and training of current employees, employee benefits and retention.

Definition of Internal Communications (IC) – The way a company interacts/communicates with it’s people/employees and how they interact in return.

It’s critical that both departments be on the same page when it comes to policy, messaging, expectations and internal tactics. Communication is the KEY factor.  Internal Communications wants to communicate with every employee, and HR has access to a great deal of their vital information. Collaboration is a must.

In the end, when IC provides employees with ongoing vision, purpose and encouragement, HR is better equipped to support their employees and maintain a happy and healthy team! This in turn provides stability and success! All is right in the world.