Is there ever just one component that makes a marketing campaign successful? No way!  Unfortunately, there is no magical ingredient that can turn an adequate campaign into an incredible one. There should never  be a sole focus on just one aspect; although all marketing projects are unique in their own right, too much focus on “research” or on the “revision” process can draw your attention away from the numerous other parts that may be in desperate need of a little TLC. The marketing process may differ across multiple agencies and companies, but it’s important to remember that no matter the process you use, you must give each step the time it deserves to ensure that your project receives everything it needs to grow into a successful campaign.


At Apple Box Studios, our process goes a little something like this:

1. Research
Like the first step of any project, research is vital for every marketing challenge. In order for an effective campaign, understanding your market competitors, audience, barriers, and support all play an important role in brand positioning.

2.   Communication
Active communication is what marketing is all about, plain and simple. If a communications company is not actively communicating, I’d say you have a major problem on your hands.

3.  Creativity
Whether its business- to- business, or business- to- consumer, you must always have your creative juices flowing! Marketing calls for high attention to detail, and yes that means attention to creativity too. As an ad agency, meet collectively to discover what innovative concepts you can apply to your marketing campaign.

4.  Evaluation
It is vital to continuously evaluate a marketing project. It’s helpful to set project benchmarks, timelines and deadlines throughout a marketing campaign for guidance. Evaluation is key for not only your communication platform, but for client relationships as well. As each meeting goes by, take a step back and ask yourself what else should I be doing for my client?

5.  Revision
Revise, revise, revise… and then revise some more. Marketing calls for… requires… demands continuous trial and error until you’ve effectively reached your target market and communicate a message they want to hear.  Here at Apple Box we work as a team, which makes the revision process fun and highly conducive. It is extremely rewarding to gain new expertise and insights throughout a revision process.

6.  Delivery
This is where those timelines and deadlines come in handy. Once your marketing campaign is ready to rock n’ roll, the final elements must be delivered carefully… the last thing you need to worry about is a typo after all your hard work. When the campaign is all said and over, you are not done! Upon final delivery it is important to assess the end results and see how you can apply new concepts and communication tactics for next time.

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