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A Checklist for Online Marketing Success

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No matter the industry, every Online Marketing Manager has a busy day filled with social media posting, content curation, blog writing, staying on top of industry news, Google AdWords management and etc.. To help maintain a schedule of success in online marketing, we’ve compiled a list ranging from daily must-do’s all the way to quarterly reminders. Print out this check list and dive in to boosting your brand’s presence and footprint online.


An Online Marketers Checklist

What should you do on a daily basis to establish your brand as a contributing thought leader with engaging, unique and relative content users want to share:

  1. Respond to inbound social media messages. A good tip is to leave up your social media sites all day long or at least turn on social media notifications on your mobile device when away from your computer. Answering a message timely and thoughtfully leaves good impressions and good impressions are often shared through word of mouth.
  2. Monitor and respond to brand mentions. Yes, even if these messages are negative. It’s important to establish social media standards beforehand so when a negative comment comes in, you handle it smartly.
  3. Engage with brand advocates. This is a golden list for your brand. These people are already on your side and they can serve as another positive voice for your brand. Engage with them regularly, share and like their social media content and let them in on information ahead of time. Let them know they are valued.
  4. Check industry news with content curation tools like Feedly. It’s a good habit to check industry news first thing in the morning. Catch up on what big things happened over night – don’t get left in the dark.
  5. Search trending #’s and engage in the conversation. Twitter is easy for this. Along the side of Twitter, it gives an ever changing list of top trends and you can even change the location to find out exactly what’s trending where.
  6. Write a blog post. The more voices the better too – each month, create a calendar and list of topics. Assign topics and dates to members of your team and help them write a quick blog post to share on your page. You’re sharing valuable and diverse insight as well as letting customers learn more about your brand.
  7. Read and share industry insight on other blogs. Not just talking about commenting with your link. Adding meaningful insight and showing you actually read the article could lead to more followers or even a new brand advocate.
  8. Repurpose and share a piece of content previously published. For example, take an older blog post and freshen it up, and turn it into a visual infographic.
  9. Post 1 – 3 times on each social media platform. It’s important to be active.
  10. Monitor the competition’s social media.
  11. Monitor search results for AdWords insight. This could include quick searches with industry key words to see how you’re matching up or where your competition stands on search results.
  12. Look up your customer’s social media for news and updates. Engage with their posts and let them know you care and are listening.
  13. Check your Adwords Account for any alerts or opportunities. Don’t make AdWords a monthly affair. The online market and Google are changing every day and Google even provides alerts and opportunities at the top right of the platform. Adjust, test and optimize daily.

Have any other important check list items for online marketing on a daily basis? Let us know on our Facebook page!