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Utilize marketing software for LinkedIn to broaden outreach and improve quality of interaction

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As the leading American business and employment-oriented online service, there is no better place to reach out for new business than on LinkedIn.

There are many ways to approach a marketing campaign or an outreach initiative on LinkedIn. Some methods are better than others and this depends on you or your company’s situation and objective.

Regardless of your circumstance, marketing software specifically designed for LinkedIn can assist your efforts through automation tools.

There are many software extensions that can be downloaded to streamline your outreach and improve the quality of contact.

Software capabilities include but are not limited to the ability to mass connect request with an attached message and mass message to your connections. Yes, you can mass message already on LinkedIn but only to current connections. Additionally, you can pay for Message Ads but that will cost you $00.80 per message. Another limitation of manual messaging is that you cannot personalize a mass message. With automation software, essential information such as name, position, company, etc. can be formulated into a message, so there is no need to manually change this yourself.

Mass messaging manually can lead to your account getting suspended for spam. If LinkedIn detects mass outreach your account will most likely be suspended without prior notice. With automated tools, you can delete pending connection requests and messages or put them on hold until a later date to avoid any type of suspension.

Other more notable capabilities include automated contact profile visits and automated endorsements of your connections’ skills.