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The TikTok Takeover

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With over 10 MILLION followers, Charli D’Amelio reigns as the Queen of TikTok

Just your resident Gen Z Apple Box employee here to discuss what the kids are up to these days: …it’s TikTok. The kids are obsessed with TikTok. And I, admittedly, am one of those kids.

This app, created as a platform for creating and sharing short videos, has literally taken the Gen Z/Millennial world by storm. The videos are driven by short ‘sounds’, which can be a part of a song or a VO taken out of context. Users then act, dance, or create a story based on elements of the ‘sound’. Once other creators put their own spin on the video to add to the trend, the sound associated goes viral at lightning speed.  If you aren’t interested in creating videos— do not fret. TikTok’s algorithm caters to visual consumption, serving videos and content that are similar to other videos that you have interacted with on the app.

I love decor and this account is one of my faves! The vibes are immaculate.

So sure, it’s mesmerizing. So mesmerizing, in fact, that millions of people (myself included) admit to watching two hours + of TikTok a night before going to bed. Why? Because TikTok is exactly what younger audiences are looking for in an app. It is no secret that Gen Z is addicted to technology; they are constantly scrolling, liking and sharing. TikTok is an overload of content that never stops. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, you will not see the same story or post twice. The videos are always new and the feed is endless, meaning you can stay on the app for hours without getting bored.

Like I mentioned above, I love decor. But I love fashion more. The fashion inspiration on TikTok is never ending.

An endless supply of content can create a lot of space for advertising, especially considering TikTok’s monthly audience is about 1 billion users. Brands are creating ads that are equivalent to native video ads, which appear in your feed and look like a regular TikTok but are actually sponsored ads. Current ads on the app range from clothing to food to software. Another way brands are advertising is with influencers. In typical Gen Z fashion, influencers are heavily integrated into the app, promoting products as you scroll through your “For You Page” (your personalized feed). There’s also some talk of implementing affiliate links on the app. Affiliate links are a win-win: the links would allow brands to harness the clout of influencers while also giving those influencers a cut of the sale. With its crazy following, advertisers have the opportunity to reach a huge audience (did I mention 1 billion users a month?). That sheer volume of users is enough to make someone consider advertising on TikTok.


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