It is no news that digital advertising has taken the market by storm. The 24/7 online paradise makes it simple for companies to reach their target audiences. Having the ability to focus on specific demographics, occupations, locations and creative messages are key to a goal oriented and measurable ad campaign. New media makes for relevant messaging like never before. So, what does this mean for Apple Box Studios?

As a full service-advertising agency, we see digital mediums as our playground.  After a few Box-Off brainstorms, we are pumped to master messaging with design, video and awesome custom content opportunities as they come about.  The process never ends. Write, create, refine, improve and improve. The best part about this digital spinning wheel—results, and fast.

It’s my role to examine the campaign through a critical lens. “Play time” (if you will): continuously researching, measuring, and testing the plan. I am in constant communication with our partners to dive deep into data. Clicks, impressions, likes, shares, tweets are absolutely critical. We can determine what message resonates with our audiences, what artwork gears more activity. As a team we each serve an important role to make our campaign that much more effective. With the push of a swing our team can quickly update a page layout, CTA or an image.

Diving into the digital side of marketing has been an exciting adventure for Apple Box Studios. I have enjoyed learning more about digital campaigns and what’s involved to create an effective digital message. Digital is an entire fun-house of new opportunities, but they are not without obstacles. The key is not to settle on one way of operating a campaign. There needs to be constant monitoring and revising of your efforts online, otherwise you will get trapped. As long as we keep moving forward, I am confident that my team at Apple Box will lead us into the future of digital advertising.