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The Apple Brand In Action

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I am the content marketing specialist here, and since starting at Apple Box, I can say that I’ve written my fair share of brand messaging, read through countless standards, and have just all-around been knee-deep in other companies’ and clients’ identity. I mean, it’s in our job description to know exactly what our clients want. Sometimes, though, when you’re thinking in terms of other people’s brands, you can start to forget your own…at least I do.

However, for the past two weeks, the Apple Box Team, mainly our editors and designers, have been putting in extra hours and extra brainpower to create video, design, and scripts for a large-scale event for one of our technology clients.  Producing these deliverables, along with the event itself, takes a ton of time, edits, and organization. To put it simply, we had our hands full. Being on the outskirts of this craziness, I was able to take it all in from a third-party perspective. Watching our team work together and kick some major ass served as a much-needed reminder of what the Apple Box brand is all about.


Work Ethic

I have watched incredibly late nights turn into early mornings for our video editors, designers, project managers, and CCO. They have pushed out an incredible amount of work product in a short amount of time. This is a situation that should – and of course, does—induce an incredible amount of stress. But our creatives take it in stride, handling every minute change note, keeping our client constantly updated and meeting each deadline with such grace, you’d think they do this every day.

Community & Collaboration

I will say, if anyone can find a way to keep spirits high, it’s our team. Midday jam sessions, jokes, and a well-timed margarita here or there serve as a reminder that while our work is no laughing matter, we know better than to take ourselves too seriously. And sometimes, when tensions are high, all you can do is laugh.

Bold Words & Distinct Design

As a writer, sometimes I’m there to see a project at its inception. Others, like now, I play the role of editor, and I only get to see the finished project. When that happens, it reminds me how impressive our team really is – as I see all the event collateral come to fruition, I am blown away at how my coworkers take one small concept and turn it into something that is unique and perfectly branded, simple yet bold, all at once.


I simply have never heard our project manager’s phone ring more. Every member of our team has been in constant communication with the client, and the meetings, while certainly productive, sounded like…dare I say…fun. These close, productive, and lively relationships are what make all our hard work truly rewarding, and it’s easy to forget that in the daily grind and stress.

This comes as a timely reminder, as we have just been selected as one of the Top Pittsburgh Branding Agencies by DesignRush. And well, how can we do our job as an agency if we can’t stay true to our own brand every day? Luckily, it doesn’t look like Apple Box Studios will be finding that out anytime soon. When your brand is as strong as ours, living it becomes second nature—especially under pressure.