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Navigating Quarantine Through Cooking

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It’s no secret that quarantine has put a damper on the world’s creativity. Personally, being limited to my home desk all day has proven to be trying. I’m often left uninspired and undermotivated to do even the smallest tasks. As a full-time graphic designer, this doesn’t cut it. I have found that my head needs to be in the right space to start and continue working throughout the day.

Something I have always found stimulating is taking a step away from work to be creative in other ways. Whether that’s painting, baking a tasty treat, or reading a book, it always seems to turn my rut into something productive. The end result doesn’t necessarily need to be “pretty” or useful; the act of being imaginative in a way that’s carefree allows complete creativity without the consequence of judgement.

Over the past year, I’ve given myself a quarantine project. I have combined two of my favorite hobbies, cooking and photography, to create blog-like food images. I love the process of finding a recipe, gathering all of my ingredients, then getting in the kitchen to create something delicious! And while I can’t share my yummy creations with the masses right now, what better way to share them than taking mouthwatering photographs?

I’m not biased to taking photos of any particular meal of the day. I love breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert equally. Although, my favorite time to take the photos is on a bright day around lunch time (mostly because my current lighting crew is the sun).

While I have learned a lot throughout my quarantine project, my #1 food photography tip would be not to try dressing and taking the photos while you’re hungry! I hope to share more of these photos with the world long after COVID has made its exit.