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My First Week at the Ad Agency

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Apple. Box. Apple Box.

And no … I’m not talking about a box of apples. I am speaking of a device chiefly used in the film industry to raise equipment and to gain a higher perspective. Wikipedia (oh so graciously!) reminds you to not confuse them ordinary crates or boxes.

Caitlyn Depp

But, as I glance around the “straight-out-of-an-episode-of-Mad-Men” office, I find myself surrounded not by apple boxes, but unique individuals that make up the kind and friendly staff here at Apple Box Studios. From my first day on the job, the entire team has been wonderfully welcoming.  The air is filled with a sharp and bold creative spirit that might have something to do with copies of their incredible print work that populate the walls of the entire office. I know they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but you should definitely judge an ad agency by the caliber of its work that line the walls of its office (at this place, you can barely see the walls and it’s very top-notch).

However, like their website proclaims, they are more than just “pretty pictures”. As much as they are creative and enjoy creating, they are a group serious about getting their clients’ voice out in the public. It does the company no good to display their content proudly for the new employee to gawk at—here at Apple Box they have higher standards than that. They have figured out the perfect way to balance superbly creative messages with precise production management and it seems to be working out pretty well for them (in my completely un-biased opinion).

Needless to say my first week at Apple Box Studios has been excellent. From the one-of-a-kind atmosphere that could make even the most left-brained person write an epic poem to the ease of communicating with an awesome staff by calling out the name “Dan” or “Mike”, I feel very at home.

It is definitely a comfort to know that the walls that make up my work place are so much more than an office: they are an incubator of hard-workers and creators. A place where people strive to take that extra mile and discover different ideas and perspectives. So scratch that previous statement.

I feel very at box.

Apple Box.

Apple Box Studios.