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Expect the Unexpected

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“The mind is like a flower, it does not bloom without the lights of appreciation, encouragement and love.” -Debasish Mridha

Expecting the unexpected has been a mantra that got me through my last two years of college and it has stuck with me ever since. It is not a special or inspiring saying, it is just a real one that I can relate to now more than ever. Being a 2021 graduate, I am still recovering from the intense year and half that unexpectedly came upon us humans. The spark of life, creativity and socialization withered deeply inside of me, and it has been hard to bring light back to each in such a dire time. With the anxiety of life being so high, I couldn’t imagine what my life was going to be like after graduation. I knew I wanted a job that was specific to my education– I just couldn’t imagine in a real-world sense what it would be like. The pandemic affected everyone in one way or another, and me, I felt lost. After spending so many years working so hard to graduate, it barely turned out how I expected, but I took life day by day instead of expecting that expectations would be met.

Being alone for so long (this includes my time on zoom calls and classes because that is not even remotely the same as being with people) forced me to produce my own “go you” energy. When I was working in the same space as sleeping, hanging out and relaxing, there was no distinguished space for me to really flourish.

It was a few months after graduation that I landed my internship here at Apple Box Studios. The moment I walked in, I was immersed with visual encouragement reminding me to step up and be noticed. It made me feel good because I felt seen and acknowledged, and made me believe I was headed in the right direction. I was greeted with the most kind, encouraging and enthusiastic group of people who are passionate about their jobs. I haven’t been around this kind of energy in a work environment in such a long time.

Now, I’m finding a rhythm within Apple Box where I learn, create and am challenged. Work is consistent and demanding —  the advertisement industry requires you to expect the unexpected and that is exactly how it is as a graphic designer here. I wouldn’t change my experience for anything else. It has been the perfect job for me, my coworkers’ patience among this high demand industry is unmatched. Apple Box Studios understands the creative process in such a critical and unique way, I have been able to find a perspective of creativity and work that I did not have before. I think Apple Box gave me more than I could have ever expected and more than they will ever know.