Have you ever logged into your Gmail account and found an ad for the very same item you were searching for moments ago? Yes your computer may be secretly gathering information to use against you in the next robo-apocalypse or … you’re falling victim to a retargeting campaign. For the purposes of this blog, let’s just say you’re being retargeted.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a form of online targeting advertising that serves people who have already visited your website or a contact in your database.

How Retargeting Campaigns Work?

Here’s what happens when you are re-targeted:Using paid advertising to reach target audiences

1.) Bob visits Website A

2.) Bob leaves Website A, but continues to surf the web on popular sites such as Google, ESPN, MSNBC etc.

3.) Bob is shown a fancy web banner for Website A.

4.) Bob clicks on banner ad that directs him back to Website A.

5.) BING. BANG. BOOM. Bob has just been retargeted.


What Are Your Retargeting Goals?

The two main goals for retargeting campaigns are awareness and conversion.


These campaigns are useful when you want to re-engage website visitors and give them information about relevant products, features or announcements. It’s important to note: although awareness campaigns are giving you a lot 0f impressions, you are also serving less targeted content  to people who haven’t  engaged with your brand.


Conversion campaigns want to get clicks on ads and then have consumers complete a next step. Most of the time that step is something like filling out a form on a landing page. They are best used to align a specific list with a clear next step and can be measured with typical conversion metrics like website clicks, form submission and cost per lead.

What is retargeting?

Choosing A Retargeting Platform & Tool:

There are many options when it comes to setting up and executing your retargeting campaigns, such as: PerfectAudience, AdRoll and Retargeter. You can also retarget through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Retargeting is an important strategy for any digital marketing campaign. It allows advertisers to remain engaged with their customers and generate new leads and prospects. While the concept is simple, it is crucial to allow for proper planning to align your overall marketing goals with your retargeting goals to create a clear and consistent message on the digital landscape.

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