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Cheers to Memorial Day Weekend

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Memorial Day weekend is a time of remembrance, giving thanks, and toasting to not only the start of the summer season, but toasting to the men and women who served our country. For many, including most of us at the Box, we will welcome the summer sun this weekend with our loved ones nearby and our favorite cold one in hand to toast to those men and women. To anyone else this weekend, whether you’re mowing the lawn, doing some gardening, or just enjoying yourself outdoors, you’ll probably want to quench your thirst with one of your favorite beverages. We asked around Apple Box Studios for everyone’s favorite summer drinks. Here are our top picks.

Mike Wertz – Owner, Creative Director:
1. Bohemia
2. Mike’s Hard Lemonade
3. Sangria



Thad Ciechanowski – Vice President, Motion Pictures:

1. Sam Adams Summer Ale
2. Coppola Cabernet Savignon
3. Lugavulin 16 Scotch




Mike Kadrie – Vice President, Interactive:

1. Jack Daniels and Ginger Ale
2. Dos Equis
3. Sam Adams Summer Ale



Lisa Kefalos – Account Executive:

1. Jack Daniels and Ginger Ale
2. Mojito
3. White Lightning




Dan Brettholle – Art Director:

1. Founders All Day IPA
2. Bells Two Hearted Ale
3. East End Brewing Big Hop




Tana Mitchell – Business Manager:

1. Champagne Mimosa
2. East End Brewing Fat Gary
3. Margarita (on the rocks)




Dan Filipek – Senior Account Executive:

1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
2. Founders All Day IPA
3. Southern Tier IPA




Andrea Short – Client Services Manager

1. Gin Summer Shandy
2. Red wine sangria
3. Miller Lite




Molly Fallone – Social Media Manager

1. Sangria
2. Riesling Wine
3. Corona




Caitlyn Depp – Director of Business Development

1. Sangria
2. Shock Top
3. Rum Runner


This Memorial Day, don’t forget to raise your glass. Here’s to all of the brave men and women who served our country. Cheers to them.

What’s your favorite summer drink? Tell us on our page