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Apple Box Weighs in on Advertisng Bowl 2015

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During the four hours of the Super Bowl or (Ad Bowl 2015), top brands and agencies compete off-field for the most talked about and shared ad spots. Now that the games have ended, the Monday morning quarterbacks at Apple Box Studios are pleased to bring you the top five best and worst ads of Super Bowl 2015.

Our Top 5 Winners

1. Be More Human – Reebok

To push their new logo and brand message, Reebok has launched a fully integrated campaign designed to decode what it means to be human – capable of anything. This ad not only highlights the physical benefits of fitness, but also the mental, emotional and social benefits that appeal to every type of human. We’re used to brands like Nike and Under Armour tellings us we need to be more like the star athletes in which their ads focus on. Reebok, instead, shows us the parent, the protector, the coach – roles any audience member can relate to. It’s not about being strong like Michael Jordan, it’s about being strong in your daily life and facing the non-stop punishments no matter who you are. Let’s not forget to mention their kick-butt, interactive website, equipped with a first-ever “human score” test.

2. Newfangled Idea – BMW i3

BMW’s ad “Newfangled Idea,” pushes aside the muscle trucks and Internet newbies of the past and braces for a high tech today. In 1994, no one knew how big the Internet would be. Not even broadcast journalists Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel. 21 years later, a new big idea has them scratching their heads again. In this spot, BWM shows it has a clear vision of the future and innovative technology with it’s new i3 produced with good fuel economy.

3. #LikeAGirl – Always 

Following Dove’s lead, Always shifts the spotlight on an under-represented issue. During a ritual that seems to be dominated by men, they pose the question: when did doing something like a girl become an insult? By giving women a voice in the conversation, this ad proves that “like a girl” doesn’t have to be something negative. A personal favorite of all the ladies at Apple Box.

4. “Lost Dog” – Budweiser #BestBuds

No Super Bowl ad mecca would be complete without Budweiser pulling at our heartstrings yet again. As the supposed final chapter of the best buds story, Budweiser reminds the beer-in-hand audience that beer is more than just a drink. It’s about friendship, love, home and…wait…a cute puppy?

5. The Brady Bunch – Snickers

“You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” – a commercial we’ve seen a hundred times over takes it to the next level with Danny Trejo starring as a very hungry Marcia and if that’s not enough funny, Steve Buscemi swoops in at the end as the perpetually forgotten Jan. Great writing plus an unexpected casting lands this ad the final spot in our top five.


Now for the Bench Warmers 

1. Showdown with Jerry Rice and Andrew Hunter – Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes let us down with this prequel to their content marketing win, “Fable.” Mercedes-Benz is supposed to symbolize luxury and opulence and to us, the ad screamed tacky and a lack of focus. The best or nothing? Not with this ad.

2. Kate Upton – Game of War

Kate Upton in this ad, hid her disdain for Game of War about as well as she can act. That’s all we have to say.

3. #MakeItHappy – Coke

#MakeItHappy? more like #MakeAFire, cause that’s what would have happened if a full coke bottle were to spill on a bunch of computer wires. We had much higher expectations from the monster brand after a year of success from their “Share a Coke” campaign. Coke probably should have explored a safer and more realistic approach to solving cyber bullying.

4. Make Safe Happen – Nationwide

“Sadvertising” continues to be a common wrap-up word describing this year’s Super Bowl ads, but many are arguing Nationwide took it too far. Although the Insurance brand is gaining a lot of buzz surrounding preventable child accidents, no brand should want to be associated with headlines like “child-death ad.” This could have been an extremely disturbing moment for the tens of thousands who have lost children to a tragedy.

5. Tackle It – Jublia

First of all: who is Jublia? and why are they showing us thirty seconds of toe fungus on one of the most food-loving days of the year?

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