Primanti Bros., Pierogies, Pittsburgh Popcorn. Our city is known for many things, signature foods being one of them. As the “foodie” scene explodes in the ‘Burgh, we have been subject to an awesome array of new and exciting food combos and cool restaurant concepts. One classic food item that has nudged its way in to Steel City vernacular is the magnificent shirt-wrecker itself: the taco. Everywhere we turn, taco trucks and up-scale taco-themed restaurants are making our mouths water. And with an office situated in the heart of it all, Apple Box Studios is feeling this taco take-over more than anyone. So what better time to compile our notes and thoughts on these spots, then today’s holiday! Happy Cinco de Mayo, Pittsburgh! And if you’re interested in the city’s tasty tacos today, here are our recommendations:


1.) Bea’s Taco Town 633 Smithfield Street Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Bea's Taco Town








Price: 2.50 – 3.00 per taco

Authenticity: 4 out of 5

Selection: Steak, Chicken, Pork, Cow, Fish, Shrimp and Vegetarian options. The hot sauce is amazing.

Opening in early 2015, and with not much marketing or a grand opening, Bea’s Taco has taken off. Their food speaks for itself and people are starting to notice. Fast forward to present day, and they’ve already opened up a 2nd location on Banksville Road in the South Hills.


2.) El Burro 1108 Federal Street Pittsburgh, PA 15215

Art Director, Dan Brettholle, posing at El BurroEl Burro

Price: $3 – $3.50 per taco

Authenticity: 5 out of 5

Selection: Steak, Chicken, Pork, Cow, Fish, Shrimp and Vegetarian options.

If you find yourself visiting the Aviary, Childrens Museum or any other North Side attraction, then be sure to carve out some time for some tacos at El Burro. From the food to the décor, it’s about as authentic as it gets.


3.) Edgar Tacos Stand 21st Street Strip District Pittsburgh, PA 15222

 Price: 2 for $5IMG_7735

Authenticity: 4 out of 5

Selection: Steak, Chicken, Pork, Cow Tongue, Fish, Shrimp and Vegetarian options

Edgar Tacos Stand promises to be a delectable experience. Located in the heart of the Strip District, these tacos are not something to pass up. They are authentically prepared by Edgar and his crew. Moderate selections make your choices quick and easy, especially when you get a gander of the fresh meat and topping options.



4.) Las Palmas 700 Brookline Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15226

Las Palmas








Price: $2 per taco

Authenticity: 5 out of 5

Selection: Range of meats, no vegetarian options

Alright … Now I know this guy is not technically in the city, but they’ve been playing the taco game for a while now and we think they know what they’ve been doing. The selection and the service are 100% authentic. The meats and the toppings are fresh and add the most delicious color to however you dress up your tacos.


What’s that you say? You can’t make it out for a Cinco de Mayo lunch. That’s disappointing,  but we have dinner and drinks covered too!


1.) Bakersfield 940 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15222















Price: $15 – 30

Authenticity: 3 out of 5

Selection: Tapas & Street Food

The newest addition to Pittsburgh’s taco scene Bakersfield mixes tapas and Mexican street food with a Speak-easy vibe. Not sure how the 2 mix, but Bakersfield makes it work. Their whiskey infused cocktails paired with their classic taco cuisine would make an excellent Cinco de Mayo celebration.


2.) täk­ō 214 6th Street Pittsburgh, PA 15222





















Price: $7 – 15

Authenticity: 4 out of 5

Selection: Classic with a So-Cal twist

The latest restaurant from Rick Deshantz, täk­ō serves up some pretty interesting selections you should not hesitate to try. Don’t let the Japanese spelling turn you off. It’s just as fresh and authentic as any other taco joint in the ‘Burgh.


3.) Smoke BBQ Taqueria 4115 Butler Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201








Price: $4 – 20

Authenticity: 3 out of 5

Selection: Barbeque tacos

Everything about Smoke screams southern comfort food … on a flour tortilla! Delicious BBQ meats paired with their newly established drink menu offers a Cinco de Mayo dinner you’ll want to re-live even on Siete de Julio.


4.) Round Corner Cantina 3720 Butler Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Round Corner Cantina

Price: $6-12

Authenticity: 5 out of 5

Selection: Fancy Tapas

And last but not least … Round Corner Cantina! Their tacos are as authentic as their namesake (look up some pictures and you’ll see what we mean). Another great tapas taco location with even tastier margaritas.

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