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7 Things I’ve Learned Since June 18th

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Here’s a list of some things I’ve learned during my 112 days as an Apple Box Studios employee:

    1. Community is Key
      • Apple Box Studios is a collaborative, creative environment that boosts my productivity. We also keep beers in the conference room fridge–super cool.
    2. Boutique is Better
      • The opportunities and responsibilities I have gained thus far are attributed to ABS’s hands-on work approach. Because of this, I was part of an on-site client meeting my second day of work.
    3. I Needed an “Office Sweater”
      • You know… that sweater hanging on your chair just in case the office gets too cold.
    4. Never Leave Your Desk Without Paper and a Pen
      • Taking notes continues after college!
    5. Adapt to the Situation
      • I learned within the first few weeks that projects are always changing, and helping to coordinate those projects requires flexibility. This is still an area of improvement for me, but every day it gets easier.
    6. You’re Never Too Young to Save for Retirement
      • If I’m being honest, my dad probably told me this at age 14 but now I am actually saving for retirement. Only 40 more years to save!
    7. The Most Important Lesson
      • I still don’t know the answers to everything and I’m constantly learning. I have learned something from every member of Apple Box Studios and their willingness to teach is what makes this job so awesome.