That darn writer’s block! One way or another it permeates our professional and personal lives. You sit down to write your blog or a script and then … nothingness! It creeps up your spine, wraps its hands around your mind’s eye and hangs there for an immeasurable amount of time.

Unfortunately, content is still king in 2017 and audiences are becoming more and more impatient. There’s no time for a writer’s block set back. Here are 4 sure-fire tactics to ensure that your content mine is always delivering the gold:

4 Content Creation Methods That Won’t Disappoint:

Content Marketing 2017

1.) Don’t Be Afraid To Use Forums Or Content Curation Tools

So there’s this thing called “Reddit” (ever heard of it?). As of June 2015, dark-horse Reddit had over 36 million registered users. With millions of people posting and commenting daily, it’s a great tool when you just can’t think of a topic. Content curation software is perfect for every day that isn’t “National ___ Day”. Just type in your topic and you’ll be served with at least 5 great tweet ideas.

2.) Take Examples From Your Own Life

Sometimes the best ideas come from our personal experiences. Have a failure that turned out to be a teaching moment? Share it! Proud of a success? Tell us! You’ll be surprised how many people find value in learning from your struggles and success.

3.) Recycle Content

We’ve already established that you’re full of great ideas. So why not go back through your old content and add any new information to make it more relevant. This is the perfect move if you’re pressed for time.

4.) Use Google Keyword Planner

Great ideas can come from what your audience is already looking for. But how can you possibly know exactly what that is? Behold: Google’s Keyword Planner! It’s the perfect tool to show what people are searching so you know what to write about.

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